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Courcle Excavation Journal No. 10

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Courcle Excavation Journal No. 10 [1]
1 × 2
Let's collect the Courcle artifacts in this exploration journal. You will earn a special reward by filling the journal with artifacts.

Obtain From Voight
Price 760
Tradability Untradable
Effects {{{effects}}}
Reward receive Artifact Appraiser title
Crafted Into

Also known as

Courcle excavation diary Vol.10
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

You have completed the [Courcle Excavation Journal Vol. 10]!

Courcle excavation diary Vol.10

Courcle Excavation Journal Vol. 4

This is a collection book of ancient artifacts
that can be found in the Courcle areas.

[No. 01]
Courcle Terra Cotta Pot


This clay pot used by the Coucle Natives is
suspected to have been made in the early modern period.
It is painted with bold colors, and is fairly well preserved.

[No. 02]
Courcle Terra Cotta Slab

Courcle Slab.gif

This clay slab is engraved with a geometrical pattern,
and was baked at a high temperature to preserve it.
Scholars expect it to be very helpful for
comparative studies about ancient hieroglyphs.

[No. 03]
Courcle Terra Cotta Doll

Courcle Terra Cotta Doll.png

This doll was excavated from the Courcle
area, and is made of special material that glistens
as if coated with glaze.

[No. 04]
Courcle Zebra

Courcle Zebra.png

This ancient statue of a Zebra
was carved out of stone and lime.
It appears to be a decoration
that fell off of a building.

[No. 05]
Courcle Pot Fragment

Courcle Pot Fragment.gif

Pieces of ancient inlaid pots such as this one
are commonly found in the Courcle areas,
it is archaeologically insignificant.