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Easter Egg Hunt Festival

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Easter Egg Hunt Festival Advertisement
April 2nd, 2020 - April 23rd, 2020


The devious Max Rabbit Family returns, and they are once again coming after all of Erinn's eggs! Report to Mister AdoraBunny in Dunbarton to help keep these pesky rabbits at bay. Complete the quest each day for some new rewards, including the Egg Tree Sequel Figure, Hungry Fluffy Bunny Doll Bag Coupon, Bunny Rain Coat Shopping Bag and the Fluffy Bunny Chair! Check out the full details here.[1]


Dreaming Chubby Bunny Chair
  • Log in to receive the event quest, "[Event] The Max Rabbit Family's Ambush!"
  • Register your main character at Mister AdoraBunny in Dunbarton to receive an Egg Basket.
  • You’ll receive two daily quests.
    • The daily quests are given every day at 7:00 AM PDT.
  • The Egg Basket will be removed from your inventory when the event is over.
  • Stay logged in for 36 minutes each day to obtain 1x Easter Egg!
    • This resets daily at 12 AM PST
  • Collect 15x Easter Eggs to combine them into a Dreaming Chubby Bunny Chair.


The Max Rabbit Family's Ambush!

  • WIP

Grateful Mister Adorabunny

[Event] Grateful Mister Adorabunny
How to Get Quest

Register your character for the event

Briefing Mister AdoraBunny is grateful for all of your help! The more you help, the more it pays off!
  • 100000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • Each daily quest completed counts as helping once.

Retrieve eggs from the Max Rabbit Family

[Event] Retrieve eggs from the Max Rabbit Family
How to Get Quest

Log in after 7:00 am PST

Briefing Retrieve eggs for poor, distraught Mister AdoraBunny.
  • Talk to Mister AdoraBunny
  • Gather 30 Easter Eggs
  • Deliver the egg basket to Mister AdoraBunny
Additional Information
  • You will receive an Egg Basket after talking to Mister AdoraBunny.
  • Attack the Max Rabbit Family with your Egg Basket equipped to collect eggs.
    • Swift Rabbit will always reward an egg for every hit
      • Dischord's movement speed slow can effect them.
    • The eggs will expire in 24 hours upon collecting the first egg.
  • The Max Rabbit Family appears in certain places every real time hour.
  • Rabbits will disappear after 5 minutes.

Obtain the special egg-dyeing materials

[Event] Obtain the special egg-dyeing materials
How to Get Quest

Log in after 7:00 am PST

Briefing Give Mister AdoraBunny the special egg-dying materials so he can use his delicate touch to decorate the eggs.
  • 10000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • The balloon will be delivered every 15 minutes, real time.
    • This timer will reset if you re-log or switch channels.
  • You will only receive one balloon at a time.
  • You must deliver your balloon to Mister AdoraBunny to obtain another.
  • Turning in a balloon rewards one AdoraBunny Gift Box each time.


Bunny Rain Coat Shopping Bag
Fierce Bunny Gang Mini-Gem

AdoraBunny Gift Box Rewards



Gem sizes are either 1cm or 3cm.