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Esras' Letters (Content)

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You may be looking for Esras' Letters, as an item.

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Esras' Letters (Content)[1]
1 × 2
A letter box that resembles a book which can now be read thanks to nullifying the spell.

Obtain From Lassar (Generation 2 The Secret Letter Box quest)
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Tradability Untradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

The preparation for the revolt is now complete.
Give me your word, and I'll set off a rumor to the Goblins and Kobolds that
the baby in Math Dungeon has been kidnapped
by the army from Emain Macha.

I also would like to know how the Lord is doing these days.

-Your servant, Colbha

Good. I praise your singular effort.
Ruairi seems to be m.i.a. while searching for Tir Na Nog, and
Rian is completely dependent on me.

As for the Lord... his health is right where we'd expected.
...He will pass away shortly.
Once the ensuing chaos, which will be created in part by the event, has passed,
I will take over the rein.

Let us look forward to that day which is to come.


Watch out for the enemy forces amongst the guards.

Here's alerting you that
on the first day of Samhain,
they will rise in revolt.

Everything will be as planned.

-Waiting for that day to come, Colbha

I'm worried about one thing though.
Find a way to remove Redire
from the day of revolt.

If he remains in Emain Macha
during the day of revolt,
a lot of things may go wrong.


I will let you know
as soon as we figure out a way.

-Always faithful, Colbha

I am hearing word that Redire is
having a fling with Aranwen,
a female Paladin who's in charge of security in the
northern region.

If we use this wisely,
we'll be able to make this work in our favor.

-Always yours, Colbha

I am all for whatever it takes to prevent Redire
from going near Emain Macha on the day of revolt,

But if the process ends up like last time in Math Dungeon,
where it worked as an order from the top,
then that won't work.
Make sure to make it look like
Redire has to take the blame for this.

I expect you to take care of the aftermath.


Alright. Just let me handle this.
I'll contact you separately once everything's worked out.

-Yours, Colbha

I sent a letter to Redire
forging Aranwen's handwriting,
and I also sent a letter to Aranwen
forgining Redire's handwriting.
The letters should arrive
right around the day of revolt.

It had been a while since I've written such an emotional letter
addressing the love between a man and a woman,
and so I had a hard time writing them out.
The two will meet at Gairech hills
under the red tree.

Should I take care of both of them while there?
That would really simplify the matters.

-Truly yours, Colbha

I also dug up some things on
that Paladin, Aranwen.

She seems to be highly respected for her combat abilities,
so if this does not work out,
we may be in for some serious trouble.

Let's just drag the two
out of Emain Macha that day.
Our planned event may turn out to be
much easier than expected.


Got it.
Everything has been set for the revolt.

Just in case...
Are our letters...
being kept somewhere?
I think it's better for both of us
to destroy them...


Don't worry about it,
and just take care of business.
Even if you decide to destroy them,
do so after I take over the reins.

...the letters I've received from you
will be covered up in magic,
so the letters will be unreadable. Need not worry about it.

I prefer that we cease exchanging letters
until the day of revolt.