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Gachapon Artifacts

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General Information

Artifacts that cannot be found in-game other than through gachapons are listed here. Sell them to NPCs or trade them to Voight for Exploration EXP and other rewards.

Name Restored Image Item size Reward Description Gacha
Serving Crock 2x2 0 G, 20000 Exploration EXP A serving crock with a basket handle. It's thin and sturdy and polished to a gleam. Sell it to an NPC to gain Exploration EXP! Fabulous Wing Box
Small Hippo Statue 2x2 0 G, 24000 Exploration EXP A hippo statuette carved somewhat clumsily. Sell it to an NPC to gain even more Exploration EXP than selling a Serving Crock. Fabulous Wing Box
Tabula Occular 2x2 0 G, 28000 Exploration EXP A stone tablet engraved with an eye for protection. Sell it to an NPC to gain even more Exploration EXP than selling a Small Hippo Statue. Fabulous Wing Box