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Master Chef's Bacon Guide

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Master Chef's Bacon Guide

HEEELLOOOOOOOO! It seems you've stumbled upon this guide from the Catering page! Well, today, I'm here to show you a quick and easy guide on how to train that darn catering skill to R1! Let's begin.

The ingredients

To start off, you'll need bacon. A LOT of bacon. 1740 pieces (87 stacks), to be exact!

The Cooking

Every catering requires two Roasted Bacons, which are made by simply using a Ladle and a Cooking Pot, with 100% Bacon, over a fire or Cooking Oven!

The guide itself

From here, all you'll need to do is follow the amounts listed below for each skill level. Note that all caterings must be placed as you go along, for best efficiency in skilling.


  • 2 Bacons (1 catering, 100xp)

Rank F:

  • 10 Bacons (5 caterings, 100xp)

Rank E:

  • 18 Bacons (9 caterings+p, 109xp)

Rank D:

  • 32 Bacons (16 caterings+p, 104xp)

Rank C:

  • 46 Bacons (23 caterings+p, 103xp)

Rank B:

  • 64 Bacons (32 caterings+p, 102xp)

Rank A:

  • 80 Bacons (40 caterings+p, 100xp)

From R9 onward, you will notice an extra way to skill catering, which is to make feasts (the amount of Roasted Bacon you need per feasts, for the rank, will be highlighted in brackets). Make sure to make the feasts first!

Rank 9:

  • 40 Bacons (10 catering feasts [4], 28xp)
  • 80 Bacons (40 caterings, 72xp)

Rank 8:

  • 40 Bacons (10 catering feasts [4], 36xp)
  • 80 Bacons (40 caterings, 64xp)

Rank 7:

  • 50 Bacons (10 catering feasts [5], 34xp)
  • 96 Bacons (48 caterings, 67xp)

Rank 6:

  • 50 Bacons (10 catering feasts [5], 42xp)
  • 98 Bacons (49 caterings, 58xp)

R5 and onward gets particularly tough. You've got this though!

Rank 5:

  • 60 Bacons (10 catering feasts [6], 30xp)
  • 140 Bacons (70 caterings, 70xp)

Rank 4:

  • 70 Bacons (10 catering feasts [7], 50xp)
  • 126 Bacons (63 caterings, 50xp)

Rank 3:

  • 80 Bacons (10 catering feasts [8], 50xp)
  • 168 Bacons (84 caterings, 50xp)

Rank 2:

  • 90 Bacons (10 catering feasts [9], 70xp)
  • 120 Bacons (60 caterings, 30xp)

Rank 1:

  • 100 Bacons (10 catering feasts [10], 100xp)

Congratulations! You made it through! Now, go cater some epic stats for your friends in Mabinogi! - Master Chef