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For NPC Quests involving Role-Playing Dungeons, see Role-Playing Quests.
For Storyline sidequests, see Category:Sidequests.

Basic Information

  • Sidequests are a type of quest, specifically tasks that usually involve typical errands.
  • Some Sidequests are labeled as Mainstream Quests, however they have nothing to do with the mainstream itself.
  • Certain Sidequests are received when the player equips a weapon. Completing the Sidequest will reward the player to gain all the skills of that particular Talent.

Note Inside a Bottle

Advancement Test Helper's Request

Notification Quests

An Invitation to the Fishing Boat

How to Get Quest

Log in or change channel with the "Aspiring Sailor" title equipped

Briefing Hi there! My name is Myrddin, an I will be taking all you aspiring sailors to the fishing boat on the southern coast of Iria. The ones that will visit me right now will earn the right to get on board the fishing boat for free! Get on the boat free and catch some of the rarest and most exotic fishes out there! I will be waiting for you at a remote beach south of the giant bird mark in Muyu Desert. - Myrddin -

Talk to Myrddin at a remote beach south of the giant bird

  • 20 Experience Points

The Mysterious Box of Treasures

How to Get Quest

Get the "Courcle Explorer" title

Briefing Good day, I'm First Officer Myrddin from Petra Maritime Corporation. I'm sorry to contact you for a favor on such short noticed, but we need your help in investigating a mysterious phenomenon that our deep-sea fishing vessels have been experiencing lately. If it'd be okay, could you pay me a visit? - Myrddin
  • 1200 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • Informs the player about the sunken treasure fishing event.
  • It may take some time before receiving the quest after getting the "Courcle Explorer" title
  • If you do not have the "Aspiring Sailor" title, you will need to pay 300 Gold to get on the boat unless you take Myrddin's offer to board immediately. It appears to be free if you have the title equipped.

Duncan's Call

How to Get Quest

Reach cumulative level 250

Briefing You've gotten much stronger. I have something to tell you, could you please stop by? - Duncan -

Talk with Duncan

  • 5000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Duncan tells you that doors have appeared to Alby, Ciar, and Rundal Hard Mode Dungeons.

Kousai's Call

How to Get Quest

Visit Courcle

Briefing Can you stop by and see me? I have something to tell you. - Kousai -

Talk with Kousai

  • 1000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Kousai tells you that you can now skip Generation 7 through him to go right to Generation 8.
"You've probably already heard the rumors, but the road to Zardine has been opened. But you don't seem to have any knowledge regarding the events that happened in Courcle. Why don't you first investigate the events that happened here? If you want to hurry up and skip them, come talk to me and I'll help you."

Generation 9: Alchemist Sidequests

Andras' Story

Grave with Violets placed on Top

The Corrupt Alchemist

You will receive this quest sometime after completing the Temple Knights quest in Generation 9: Alchemist.

Generation 10: Goddess of Light Sidequests

Lileas' Honey Drink

Generation 11: Sword of the Gods Sidequests

The Underground Waterway

Generation 15: Merchant of Venice Sidequest

Day of Liberation

Generation 16: Macbeth Sidequests

Rush of Love

Generation 23: Tempest Sidequests

Ascent to the Throne