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Monster Summoning Urn (Dec. 2012)

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The Monster Summoning Urn is back and better than ever! New items have been added and the monsters are just as fierce as ever! Each Urn comes with a Monster Transformation Coin and one additional item! Perhaps you received a monster transformation you already have? Trade with someone else to help build your collection!

Chance Prizes:
The all-new Shamala Outfit set
Pierrot and Colossus Outfits
Huw and Puppet Theater Outfits
Various pre-enchant armor and weapons including Oblivion and Spike enchants
Items with pre-set rank 1 and 2 reforges[1]


Inventory icon of Monster Summoning Urn (Dec. 2012)

2 × 2

A sealed urn that contains a monster. When you break the special seal on the pot the monster will appear. You cannot summon a monster if there is a monster summoned in your region. Monster may only be summoned in Iria.

Basic Information

  • Each urn costs 1,900 NX.
  • They are on sale from December 21st, 2012 to January 14th, 2013.
  • Each urn contains: A Transformation Medal of a random monster and an item from the list below.
    • The items will drop on the ground. You must pick them up or the items will disappear after a certain amount of time.
  • There will be a check box with Ascend next to it.
    • If left unchecked, the ashes inside the urn will form into a random field boss.
      • The field boss can only be summoned in any region of Iria. (e.g. Rano, Courcle, Physis, etc.)
        • Field bosses will drop anything they will normally drop after its defeat. (e.g. A Dragon's mass item drop to all players that hit it upon its defeat.)
        • They also will only appear for a period of time until they de-spawn on their own. (e.g. Mammoth will only stay for 5 minutes until it de-spawns on its own).
      • Field bosses summoned from the urn is limited to 1 per region. (e.g. 1 in Connous, 1 in Zardine, etc.)
      • Another one cannot be summoned until an existing field boss summoned by the urn is killed, or they de-spawn on their own. (e.g. If someone summoned a field boss in Connous, then no one else can summon a field boss in Connous until someone kills the previous one.)
        • However, you can summon one on another channel if no one has spawned a field boss in the other channels.
      • You cannot summon the field boss inside a town. (e.g. Qilla, Filia, Vales, etc.)
    • If you attempt to summon the monster anywhere outside of Iria, or in a town, the monster will spawn, then de-spawn automatically, leaving the items behind.

Monster Spawn

Anything in bold will show a scrolling message at the top of the screen.









All weapons may be normal or X Grade and come with empty Rank 2, Rank 1 or no Reforges.



Shamala's Monster Transformation Medal