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Paul's Research Log Vol. 1

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Paul's Research Log Vol. 1[1]
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The first volume of Paul's research log. What could be inside?

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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Soul Stream Potion Research Log Vol. 1 -
Paul Albert

(The front part is too damaged to read.)

December 3rd

Five years have passed since we began our research into Rebirth. Our goal is discover the secret of the Milletians, but we haven't made much progress.

Honestly it's a little depressing. Luckily, my partner Gladin is here to keep my spirits up.

It may be tough going, but its not time to give up. Not yet.

(You cannot read because parts of it has been damaged.)

August 7th

I am incredibly lucky to have met Eve. I'm even more lucky that Gladin ended up falling for her sister, Arissa.

I can't help but wonder sometimes though... It would've been a disaster if he fell for Eve instead.

Gladin is like a brother to me, but I don't think I could let her go.

January 17th

We're making progress! Gladin had a brilliant idea that's taking us in a completely different direction.

Ever since he got engaged to Arissa he's been acting like a different person.

He's so much more passionate about work.

That kind of energy is infectious.

I hope we make a breakthrough soon. For Eve's sake.

(The rest of the log cannot be read because it is damaged.)