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Paul's Research Log Vol. 2

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Paul's Research Log Vol. 2[1]
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The second volume of Paul's research log. Some of the pages are torn. What could be inside?

Obtain From Receive from solving the riddle to the Unopenable Chest.
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Tradability Unknown
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Used In The Unopenable Box quest. (Puzzlemaster Riddle Events)
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Soul Stream Potion Research Log Vol. 2 -
Paul Albert

(The front part cannot be read because it is too damaged.)

March 2nd

Success is so close I can taste it. For just a moment, we saw a pulse return to one of our experimental subjects. We just need to keep pushing the limit.

Just a little longer Eve. just a little longer...

(Some pages are ripped in the middle of the journal.)

April 15th

Someone broke into the lab. Things aren't where we left them, some files are missing... It's not good.

We've needed to move for a long time, and thanks to our new supporter, we will. There we'll be able to finish the Soul Stream Potion.

There we will kill death.

(This is the end.)