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Pillow Fight Event (2015)

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Pillow Fight Event Advertisement
Nov. 23rd, 2015 - Dec. 15th, 2015


It's time for war. A battle for vengeance, honor and glory in a challenge of pure power and skill. No armor. No magic. No gear to rely on, and only the most pure weapon imaginable: Giant, fluffy pillows!

Okay, so this might not be the most epic combat imaginable, but what's wrong with having a bit of fun? Smack the stuffing out of your foes to claim the rewards with the return of the Pillow Fight Event!

Event Dates: Monday, Nov. 23 - Tuesday, Dec. 15[1]

How to Participate Speak to Pillow Master Jeff at the Dunbarton Bell Tower to get your very own Play Pillow. Every Erinn evening at 7:00 PM, an alert will direct you to the location of the Pillow Fight. Flock to the fields and beat back as many baddies as you can! Each monster drops at least 1 White Pillow Feather when defeated. These Monsters can only be damaged by these unparalleled pillows. Leave that clumsy steel at home! Trade in 10 White Pillow Feathers to Gift Exchanger Kaylinn and you'll receive a Pillow Fight Gift Box. You get a new Pillow Fight Gift Box for every 10 White Pillow Feathers you trade in.

Pillow Fight Gift Box Rewards
Pillow Fight Gift Box will reward one random item. Potential rewards include:
Space Briefs
Ruffled Halter Negligee
Bear Pajamas
Frilly Nightgown
And more!


  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quest, Pillow Fight Event.
  • Speak to Pillow Master Jeff at the bell tower in Dunbarton to receive a Play Pillow.
    • Speak to Jeff to receive a new pillow for any reason. (This will remove the current Play Pillow in possession.)
      • If a player has multiple Play Pillows in their inventory (obtained from opening the reward box), those will also disappear.
  • Each Erinn evening at 7:00 PM, pillow-wielding monsters will spawn.
    • Monsters will despawn at 11:00 PM.
    • The event monsters are considered a Field Boss, therefore regular monsters will drop the Fomor Command Scroll prior to spawn time.
      • Upon spawning, a scrolling field boss message will reveal the location of the monsters.
  • The monsters spawn in the following locations:
    • Eastern Fields of Tir Chonaill amongst the Gray Foxes.
    • Northwest of Dunbarton, out amongst the other mob spawns.
    • South of the Tara southeast gate amongst the Brown Foxes.
    • South of the Taillteann Moon Gate amongst the Gray Foxes, west of the western gate.
    • Northeast of the Emain Macha pub, where the sheep, chickens, and cows roam.
  • Pillows (Bear Paw Pillow or Play Pillow) are the only items that can do damage to the monsters.
  • A total of 36 Pillow-wielding monsters will spawn in their respective area.
  • All monsters count as eligible captures for the purposes of Transformation Mastery.
  • Collect 10 feathers to turn in at Gift Exchanger Kaylinn for a reward box.


Pillow Fight Gift Box