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Puppetry Talent Event (2012)

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October 26th, 2012 ~ November 30th, 2012


Puppeteer Event
October 26, 2012 - November 30, 2012

Log in and accept your two daily quests every day during this event! Collect the rewards and redeem them with Huw in the new Emain Macha for some unique prizes!

Quest: Puppeteer-in-Training
Reward: 1 Marionette Training Proof
Prize: Redeem 10 for an AP 30 Potion!

Quest: The Proficient Puppeteer
Reward: 1 Marionette Gold Wire
Prize: Redeem 10 for a Jeweled Control Bar!

30 Days of Free VIP Service
October 26, 2012 - November 25, 2012[1]


  • Upon choosing the Puppeteer talent during the event, you will receive an Engraved Control Bar.
  • The "Puppeteer-in-Training" and "The Proficient Puppeteer" quests are given each day at 6:00am PST100 upon logging in.
    • You may also receive this quest by changing channels after 6:00am PST100.
    • If you press the quest complete button after 6:00am PST100 the next day, you will not get the quest for that day even if you log back in.
    • Sandbag Puppets appear in Emain Macha, around the square, for these quests.
      • Some Sandbag Puppets may spawn in unreachable areas.
      • Be careful about hitting the sandbag puppets into walls or props, as they may fall "into" the walls or props and become unattackable.
      • Sandbag Puppets provide multiple counts of training for certain Act Skills.
  • During the event, if you reach Rank 9 Pierrot or Colossus Marionette, you will receive the "Pierrot" or "Colossus" title prefix, respectively.
  • During the event, if you reach at least Rank F in all Puppetry Skills, you will receive the prefix title, "Huw."
    • For one to reach at least Rank Novice of all Puppetry Skills, they must first obtain Rank 5 Control Marionette.


How to Get Quest

Log in every day during the Puppetry Talent Event.

Briefing Your puppetry could use some work. I've placed Sandbag Puppets all over Emain Macha. Practice your skills on them and get 10 Marionette Training Proofs, and I'll give you an AP 30 Potion I've been saving up. - Huw -
Additional Information
The Proficient Puppeteer
How to Get Quest

Log in every day during the Puppetry Talent Event.

Briefing It's always smart to have extra wires with you. By the time you're feeling really confident with your Puppetry skills, I bet you'll have 10 Gold Wires. Bring them to me, and I'll give a fancy Control Bar. - Huw -
Additional Information