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Quest Guidebook Vol. 2

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Quest Guidebook Vol. 2[1]
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A guidebook that examines various quests according to their categories.

Obtain From "Let's Collect Green Gem" quest
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

A guidebook that examines various quests according to their categories

Are you looking for more quests like the 'collect green marbles'? You probably realized how easy it is to simply collect items and deliver it, earning easy money and EXP.

Well, there's good news. You can get these quests delivered to you by the owl, or you can also get it purchase it yourself from the NPCs. Let me you show you how to get these quests from the NPCs

First, go find Caitin at the market. You can find the market right in the middle of Tir Chonaill Square.

Guidebook quest2 1.jpg

Go inside the market and talk to Caitin about 'Trade'.

Guidebook quest2 2.jpg

After you click on 'Trade', a window appears with items you can purchase. You will notice the different tabs on the window.

Guidebook quest2 3.jpg

Click on the tab that says 'Quest'. You will see a variety of available quests you can purchase.

Guidebook quest2 4.jpg

If you want to know what each quest is about, simply place the mouse over the quest.

Guidebook quest2 5.jpg

Let's try purchasing the quest on the very left. Once you click on the quest, a window confirming your purchase appears.

Guidebook quest2 6.jpg

Select 'OK' and drag the quest into your Inventory. Press 'Q' to open the Quest window and you will see that you have a new quest.

Guidebook quest2 7.jpg

However, know that there is a time limit for purchased quests. You will have to complete it within a certain time.

Guidebook quest2 8.jpg

Time will start once you purchase the quest. It is important that you finish the quest within that time or you will not receive any reward for it.

You can simply drop quests that are expired on the ground or you can quit by pressing the 'Quit' button.

Guidebook quest2 9.jpg

Since you can read what the quest is about before you purchase it, have all the necessary materials for the quest ready before you buy it. Also, don't forget to click on 'Quest complete' to receive your reward.

Guidebook quest2 10.jpg

As long as you remember all that, you should have no problem with these quests. Now you're ready go!

Try earning easy money and EXP by helping different NPCs around town.