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Record Video

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The Recording Indicator

General Information

By clicking on the Record Video Button very bottom right of the screen a tiny window will show up. The window shows options such as start, stop, upload to YouTube, and upload automatically.

How to Record

  • Pressing "Start" on the Record Video window or the corresponding hotkey (by default, "Left CTRL + U") will allow the user to begin recording the game.
  • Up to 5 minutes of consecutive recording may be done.
    • After five minutes, the recording will automatically stop.
  • You may stop recording at any time by pressing "Stop" on the Record Video window or by toggling the hotkey.


  • Higher resolutions will increase the quality of the video, therefore making the file size larger.
  • Any sounds that are playing from an external program, such as Windows Media Player or a Skype Chat, will be recorded as well as any sound playing from Mabinogi.
  • Recordings are saved in the "{Documents Path}\Mabinogi\Video" folder.

Uploading to YouTube

  • The game allows you to directly upload any recordings onto YouTube with less hassle.
    • To do so, press the button labelled "Upload to YouTube" on the recording window.
  • You must have a YouTube account and input your username and password in the respective fields.
  • This may take some time depending on your internet's speed, the recording's file size, the server load, or YouTube being down for maintenance. It is common during uploading for the player not being able to type messages, load skills, or open any right-click menus.
  • It is not recommended to upload directly to YouTube through the game due to the large file size. Video files can take up to 2 GB in size and can slow down, not only the performance of the game, but other resources such as web browsing as well. It is highly recommended to convert the video into a better file such as ".MP4" before attempting to upload the video.
    • It is ill-advised to use "AUTO Upload" feature, as it often leads to issues with the associated YouTube account.