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Fomor Attack

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== Description ==
*Defeat the monsters spawning at that are triggered by 18 locations different switches throughout the castle.*Sometimes A [[Cerberus]] appears will appear in these locationsthe room, typically if the orb is off-center.**You It cannot attack itbe attacked, but it can will simultaneously attack youall players in the room every once in a while.**It can attack over [[Barrier Spikes]].**It and ignores the [[Play Dead]] skill.**It attacks when When it is preparing an attack, its eyes will glow a certain the colorof the element it will use.***Bright red : Firebolt***Bright green : Arrows***Bright blue : Lightning Bolt***Bright white : Icebolt*At some point, [[Rusty Flying Sword]]s will spawn, which drops [[Rusty Longsword]]s at a high chance prior to their defeat. Pick them up as you will need them They are important for defeating the boss.
*After all the spawns are defeated, go to the deepest part of the castle to find the boss.
*The boss has over 100% protection initially. Attacking it with Rusty Longswords will permanently lower its protection permanentlyit.*The *[[Life Drain]] will be ineffective when the boss cannot be Life Drained at over 100% still has full protection.*Boss summons [[The boss will summon Rusty Flying Sword]]s Swords when its life is below 50%.
== Mission Information ==

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