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Summer Beach Day Event (2010)

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Ice Capture Picture.jpg

Lorna and Pan are at it again! Last time, they asked Mabinogians to join a Red or Blue team and attempt to steal each other's flag. This time, they've taken their feud to the beaches near Port Ceann. Instead of using weapons to stop your opponents, you will need to speak to either Lorna or Pan with both hands empty. As you enlist yourself in the Red or Blue team, you will notice a bin full of ripe, juicy watermelons! Yum! Your task will to steal watermelons from the opposing team.

This isn't any normal game of capture the flag-er, watermelon, though! Upon aligning yourself with a team, you will receive a special ice baton that will freeze opposing team members in a solid block of ice! This will be your weapon in the quest to steal as many watermelons as you can!

Blue Team player wielding an Ice Baton.

If you notice that one of your teammates is frozen, tapping them with your ice baton will unfreeze them, putting them right back into the action. Be on the lookout for shaved ice that randomly falls from victims of an ice baton!

If you are on the winning team, you will have a chance to win a Boatswain Pirate costume!

The Ice Capture the Flag event will run from July 7th to July 20th! Stay frosty![1]

The matches occur every hour on the hour and last approximately thirty minutes, starting from the first game at 4 PM PST, and ending with the last game starting at 8PM PST.


  • You must have nothing equipped in your hands to join a team.
    • Once in a team, you will wear a swimsuit of your respective color and gender.
    • Warning: Any items you are wearing will still lose durability when you are hit.
  • Each round will have 5 minutes to join and warm-up.
    • You can join during the match.
  • You will be equipped with a Summer Beach Day Event Baton and Summer Beach Day Event Swimsuit
    • The effect of being hit by the baton is similar to that of Ice Spear's/Ice Mine's Freezing effect, but will freeze up to 10 seconds.
      • Red baton has blue freezing effect.
      • Blue baton has red freezing effect.
    • You can also use the baton to unfreeze your teammates.
  • When there is 5 minutes left you can no longer join
  • You are not required to be on the winning team to get an item, but you are required to participate.
  • Mana Deflector will not affect the the freezing ability of the Batons.
  • No skills can be used, including transformations, except Mana Shield and Rest.
  • Shaved Ice has a low chance of dropping off Frozen players when they unfreeze.


  • Try using an elf. Their high running speed gives you an advantage.
  • Hunt players in the far range. If you freeze them, they are stuck for a while, even if they freeze you.
  • Move in groups, it helps when you or those near to you get frozen as there would be someone to unfreeze those frozen.
  • Defending your teams melons helps slow and possibly stop the other team from stealing melons.
  • Try to steal from the opposing side in a group while spread out a little at the same time to avoid all being frozen quickly.
  • Freezing a few opponents before stealing a melon can make it easier to steal a melon, just the same as unfreezing a few of your team mates.

Potential Rewards

Potential Rewards For Freezing Players