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Synthesized Headgears List

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Basic Information

  • These are Synthesis recipes that have been known to make the target equipment.
  • The chance to actually get the item, even with the formula, is randomized. In effect, the success rate is very low.
  • Multiple formulas may exist for the same item.

Cloth Headgear

Created Item Material A Material B Material C
Hairband Hairband Hairband Hairband
Lirina's Feather Cap Tera Adventurer Wear
Popo Cap Popo Cap
Starry Wizard Hat Cores' Angel Wing Cores' Angel Wing Cores' Oriental Long Boots


Created Item Material A Material B Material C
Bone Marine Helm Adventurer's Suit Wing Half Helm Guardian Helm
Colin Plate Helmet Jagged Mini Skirt (10/10) Bone Marine Helm (14/14) Big Slit Full Helm (12/12)
Daby Scots Plaid Boots for Women (10/10) Leather Long Bow (1/13) Wing Half Helm (15/15)
Dustin Silver Knight Armor (20/20) Big Panache Head Protector (25/25) Big Slit Full Helm (12/12)
Jagged Mini Skirt (10/10) Ring Mail Helm (9/9) Guardian Helm (12/12)
Waterdrop Cap Popo's Shirt and Pants HP & Stamina 300 Potion x 5
Dragon Felix Helm Cores' Thief Suit (M) (tailored 30/30) Guardian Helm (12/12) Evil Dying Crown (24/24)
Dustin Silver Knight Helm Jagged Mini Skirt Guardian Helm Iron Mask Headgear
Jagged Mini Skirt (10/10) Guardian Helm (12/12) Ring Mail Helm (9/9)
Melka Chain Mail (45/45) Dragon Crest Big Slit Full Helm
Big Slit Full Helm Big Panache Head Protector Dustin Silver Knight Armor
Jagged Mini Skirt Big Slit Full Helm Big Slit Full Helm
Lightning Warrior's Helmet Dustin Silver Knight Armor (20/20) Graceful Helmet (18/18) Steel Headgear (22/22)
Jagged Mini Skirt (3/10) Panache Head Protector (25/25) Twin Horn Cap (23/23)


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