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Talk:Monster Dodge Event

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Mistake008:51, 25 June 2017
Wolf Spawn Times001:21, 23 June 2017

Please Ignore or delete

08:48, 25 June 2017

Wolf Spawn Times

Well after doing this event for some time now, I believe that

It takes 400 seconds for the wolf to despawn Since it takes 36 minutes Erinn time or 1 exact whole day for a wolf to spawn, the next wolf spawn time is 2560 seconds. So every 42 minutes and 20 seconds is the time the wolf spawns. This is assuming that the rotation is not messed with.

400 seconds is an odd erinn time because every 15 seconds is 10 minutes in Erinn and 390 is 26 erinn minutes sooooo starting now on mari, the wolf will spawn at 10:26 PM Erinn Time. 1:09:46 AM PST Next is the following:

  • 1:52:06 AM PST 2:53 AM Erinn Time
  • 2:34:26 AM PST 7:20 AM Erinn Time
  • too lazy to calc erinn time now
  • 3:16:46 AM PST
  • 3:59:06 AM PST
  • 4:41:26 AM PST
  • 5:23:46 AM PST

This timer should be accurate if it does take around 400 seconds for a wolf to despawn.

Wondering if this timer is correct for other servers and if it does take 400 seconds for a wolf to despawn.

01:21, 23 June 2017