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The Soundbox: Heart of the Instrument

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The Soundbox: Heart of the Instrument[1]
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Contains information on the Soundbox, an important component of many instruments. A careful reading may raise the Musical Knowledge skill from 6 to 5.

Obtain From Barri Advanced, Fishing at Port Cobh (very rarely)
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Tradability Tradable
Effects Completes skill training for the Musical Knowledge skill for rank 6
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- The Soundbox: Heart of the instrument-

Written by Wella

The soundbox is the heart of the instrument, which makes sound through its empty space. When the musician plays, vibrations create sound that flows into this empty space, and this is where the sound is amplified and reverberated, which is how music is made.

The size of the soundbox determines the characteristics of the sound that will be made. Even when two different instruments have an identical shape, a completely different sound will be made from each instrument if the size of the soundbox is different. An instrument with a well made soundbox will be a good valance of high and low tones.

There are instrument artisans today who are putting their hearts and soul into creating grander soundboxes capable of creating beautiful melodies.

Instruments are not the only thing that can create beautiful music. People also have a soundbox: We call it the heart.

Music is made when the sounds of an instrument's physical soundbox pass through the emotional soundbox of the musician. In other words, the musician is putting his or her heart into the melodies that come out of an instrument.

There may be a day when you may become unsatisfied with the music you compose or play, and you may face setbacks and even failures during your journey with music. In such times, I recommend you take time to reflect on your own soundbox.

If you take the time to rest and reflect on your heart and soul, you will have the opportunity to tend any wounds you have acquired on the roads of your past. If you cure those wounds and polish your soundbox, you will soon find yourself musically matured.