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Some items that I'm not sure if they should go here or not:

  • Fluttering Moonlight Headband, Fluttering Starlight Headband, Fluttering Sunlight Headband
  • Pegasus' Wings - ...eh?
  • Clover Pig Hat
  • Fox Cap (maybe things with eyes shouldn't be included o.O )

There are also hats with ears (Cheerful Snowflake Hat (M+F), Rhetoi's Rabbit Hat (M+F)) as well, but I would assume that hats and masks (what about Cat Helm, Space Cat Helmet, etc.?) don't really fit in this category - but should they be listed under the Animal Gear Category? Do the Dog Cape Outfit (M) and Cat Cape Outfit (F) fit under Animal Gear? What about the Butterfly Suit Hat (M) and Butterfly Headdress (F)? And the Clover Pig Costume (M+F)? ...Mabi has many weird items o_o;;;

Just... looking for guidance~ /o/

Elide (talk)14:47, 15 July 2017

For questionable things, I think it's okay to have them under Animal Gear and not Ears. In my opinion, the Ears category is not really for things that have ears, per se, but that are ears. The exception being the wigs with ears, because that's the same as a basic hair with wigless ears.

Kadalyn (talk)02:56, 22 July 2017

Thank you for clarification ^^ Sometimes I need things spelled out for me orz (Now if only Categories would update to reflect changes o.O; )

Elide (talk)09:38, 24 July 2017

It should after a few page refreshes. But so should the "what links here" so. :/ Not sure if hiccup or broken. I'll try to remember to run the job manually when I get a chance.

Kadalyn (talk)18:54, 24 July 2017

Seems that the change may have happened between 2:02, 7 July 2017 and 12:08, 7 July 2017. Er, if the two ("What links here" and "Pages in category") not updating are related.
Taffy added [[Category:Ears]] to Sheep Ear Headband at 2:02 (Wiki-time), and it properly appears under "Pages in Category "Ears"". At 12:08 I added a Chiffon Intimate Outfit link to the Erinn Beauty Box (2017) page, and the Erinn Beauty Box (2017) does not appear when viewing "what links" to Chiffon Intimate Outfit (older links still appear, of course).

So, don't know if that'll help - I'm not sure how to look at changes that occurred that long ago except under User Contributions, but I believe in your special powers /o/

Elide (talk)14:14, 25 July 2017