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On whether or not this is an Elemental Wand

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While others purport to have tested the wand bonus of the Celtic Tribolt wand and testify that it isn't 0, it's also clearly not as potent as the other wands.

I'd be fine with editing the line to say 'Slightly boosts', but for those that have performed the test, please calculate the actual Wand Constant values and add them as an exception to the Magic Damage formula in the /Stats#Magic_Damage page.

'Til somebody comes by and does that, I'm leaning towards the page saying 'Does not boost' in order to reduce confusion over the wand's functionality. Too few people don't realize that this wand doesn't grant full Wand Bonus the way the Divine Celtic does.

Yamanoki (talk)07:41, 24 May 2021