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Are we as users allowed to use the table coding here on our userpages? o.o

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Oh, hai. I was browsing a few pages on the wiki and I came across this one: Spirit Weapon Item List/Sword. I was wondering if I am allowed to somehow use the table coding down to where it lists Strength to Jewel, but just take out the titles and replace it with my own titles, and take out the tables and add in my own content. An example would be my skill table for example. Make a tab on the table that says Skills, and once clicked, the focus is on that tab and skill table, while the others would read Collection, Titles, Elf and Giant, etc, with my content under each tab. I have no idea how to go about working on it right now because I normally don't work with tables. But I really do like how the table is organized very neatly. Could you maybe help me figure out how to use this coding, or even give me permission to use it? Thanks.

Anemki05:43, 15 March 2012

Any coding on the wiki may be used for your own personal purposes on your userpage as long as the actual page you took it off of is not changed (yes, you may take the coding, just don't edit the actual page itself, just the one you copied).

The current Spirit Weapon Item Lists is actually juts a bunch of Tab templates nested inside one another.

Spirit Weapon Item List - Main page that displays all other weapons     -> Spirit Weapon Item List/Weapon Type - Subpage that separates lists by weapon type         -> Spirit Weapon Item List/Weapon Type/Stat - Subpage that separates lists by stat In other words... The content of the mainpage would look something like this (containing the subpages) {{Tabs |tab1=name |tab2=name |tab...=name... |contents1=subpage |contents2=subpage |contents...=subpage... }} The content of the subpage would look exactly the same until the subpages reach the actual content of what you want in the tabs.


Awesome, thank you so much. I'll do some testing and such until I get it how I want. I just figured with this, it would look like a traditional profile, and would be a lot cleaner than how it is now. Very much appreciated for your help. C:

Anemki19:19, 15 March 2012