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Passive defense activation explanation

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The simplest way to explain it would be that the percentages aren't cumulative, there's a chance for having anywhere from 0~n equipment with melee PD (for example) to trigger (you'd only need 1 to activate; multiple activations doesn't result in further reduction in damage) and that you can still get knocked down/back even if your PD kicks in (assuming it's only PD at work). As for the calculations, the equation is from a gr. 12 course, and it's just to calculate the overall probability of having PD activate if you have more than 1 source of PD (trans + shield, armor, reforged gauntlets). It's not really needed but is nice to know (like the damage calculation equation).

Yinato14:35, 29 April 2012


Infodude57519:43, 29 April 2012

Just WHAT exactly are you confused about >.>

Yinato19:45, 29 April 2012


If I have 2 pieces of eq with HS PD:

1. 10% from shield
2. 20% from armor

There's a 10% chance and a 20% chance that the PD will activate, but not a 30% chance.

If the 10% activates, then the effect of the 20% is nothing.

But if the 10% does not activate, you have another 20% chance from your armor that will activate.



Simple as it can get, thanks Kevin.

But I'm still confused on how 30% came up instead of 33% on the page.

Infodude57521:43, 29 April 2012

Wait...that's what you didn't get? That the PD activation didn't stack? >>

-coughs- well, for the 33: if you thought PDs were cumulative/stacked, then 20+8+5=33, but since they don't stack, you'd only have about a 30% probability of having a PD activate (insert equatiom from page here)

Yinato21:51, 29 April 2012

No I still don't get the thirty percent, sadly.

Infodude57521:54, 29 April 2012

33 rounded down. LOL.

XD I swear they do that with the repair rates in the game... ._.

Yinato22:17, 29 April 2012

The concept isn't hard, but you need to know a few key concepts and how to calculate odds and probability. Here's the equation in words anyway: Just going to use melee PD, but any of the 3 would do. I'll use the numbers from the original page: 20%, 8% and 5%

Probability of pinging while wearing 3 equips with PD= 1 - [ (1 - probability of trans melee PD working) x (1 - probability of armor PD working) x (1 - probability of shield PD working) ]

The (1-probability of ____ PD working) is the probability that the PD of ____ won't activate (trans, armor or shield in this case). You use that equation for every source of melee PD you have (you've got 3 in this case - trans, armor and shield). When you multiply those 3 values together, you get the probability that none of the PDs on the 3 items will activate. The final 1 - [things in these square brackets] will give you the probability of at least 1 of the PDs of those 3 items activating when you get hit.

Yinato22:16, 29 April 2012

1 - [ (1 - 20) x (1 - 8) x (1 - 5) ]

1 - [ (-19) x (-7) x (-4) ]

1 - (-532)


I did my math correctly, yes?

Infodude57523:05, 29 April 2012

Oh, you need to convert the percentages to decimals, so 20% would be 0.2, 5% would be 0.05, etc.

Yinato04:59, 30 April 2012

1 - [ (1 -.2) x (1 - .08) x (1 - .05) ]

1 - [ (.8) x (.92) x (.95) ]

1 - [.6992]


Infodude57510:00, 30 April 2012

That's correct. You just need to convert that to percent (30.08%)

Yinato12:37, 30 April 2012