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Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Kapra
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I've verified that your edited version increased the size of the page by 3kb. No idea where you got the reduction. You can see the page length in bytes here. Under your edit, the file size increased, so I don't see any warrant in your edit. In addition, you opened a discussion, and then redid your edit anyways before waiting for a proper conclusion.

Removal of that significant amount of data requires discussion, and there is an open discussion on the page.

The banner is clearly saying that more work is required for the Culinary Artist section and that help would be appreciated. Can you justify its removal?

In addition, I don't see the point in these edits, what were you trying to accomplish? I might be able to help if know what the problem is that you're trying to fix..

Was there a reason you removed the 3 parameter from the talent icon page as well?

Kapra - (Talk)23:54, 9 May 2015
  1. You're looking at the page length of the code, not the expanded page.
  2. That's not a significant amount of data, and it can be found in a more appropriate page. Whatever, kid.
  3. The removed banner states that the page is outdated, not "more work is required".
    The banner under that already states that more work is required for the page.
    The page is not outdated, hence misleading.
  4. If you knew anything about how templates worked, you'd understand the change that the edit made. There was no issue to the template, it simply reduced the size of the template (by about a few bytes, which makes a considerably difference in pages like...cough...Talent...cough...).
  5. I did not remove it. Take a closer look.
MRTFlippy (talk)23:59, 9 May 2015

Here's a dumbed-down version of how to find a page's file size.

  1. Save the page.
  2. Look at the size of the file.
    Notice how the Talent page saves into 2.9 MB. Granted, there are differences in size depending on the format, but majority of the size (pretty much all) is code.
    Notice how that number does not match your "93 KB".
MRTFlippy (talk)00:01, 10 May 2015

If you think the outdated template should be replaced with something else, I suggest replacing it with something less misleading, rather than removing the banner altogether. You can also open a discussion on other banner templates if you feel it necessary to revise them.

I also encourage you to provide evidence for all of your claims.

You were right on the talent icon part, I was mistaken, I didn't see that you moved it to another portion of the page. But I still see no purpose to it, if anything all you did was add an extra character.

Kapra - (Talk)00:25, 10 May 2015
I would replace it with another, less misleading banner, but unless you want two "Incomplete" banners, it's already there.
Well... shit. Actually that's the reduced size from 3.29(?) MB that it was earlier before I re-undid your undo.
That extra character has a meaning. That meaning does something. That something reduced the file size.
MRTFlippy (talk)00:29, 10 May 2015

That's actually the less accurate number. For just the page content (not including sidebars, headers, footers, chesters), it went from 1.4 MB to 1.2 MB. Pretty dramatic for some commas.

MRTFlippy (talk)00:32, 10 May 2015