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Treasure Chest Event (Jul. 2010)

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For similar events, see Treasure Chest Event (disambiguation).
July 21st, 2010 - August 3rd, 2010

Basic Information

You can obtain treasure chests by using exploration in Iria or monster drops. For monster drops, you need a key to open a treasure chest. The monsters randomly drop keys and/or chests. The items contained within the chests are usually weapons, food, or production items. Rare colored armors also come from the chests. Chests may also contain nothing.

It is possible killing the monsters trapped in obstacles by using Stomp or other Area-of-Effect attacks.

Be prepared to fight monsters that may spawn from the chests, as they might be moderately powerful. Refer to the list below for monsters that may appear when opening a chest. (This list is incomplete.)

Note: Monsters spawned from an opened treasure chest have been known to drop keys when defeated. It is possible to receive an item when opening a chest- even when a monster is contained within.

Note #2: For those who edit this page, make sure to note any special equipment colors.

Note #3: The treasure chests can still be fed to Spirit Weapons, but the spirit will claim that the chest is useless and no stats will be provided.

Treasure Chests

  • Randomly drops from any monster or found by L-Rod Exploration.
  • Keys can also drop from player made Barrier Spikes if they are destroyed by an attack.
  • A key is required to open these chests. Monsters drop Ordinary Chest Keys, while Premium Chest Keys can only be purchased from the in-game Item Shop at a price of 1,000 NX for one and 7,000 NX for a set of ten.
    • Premium Chest Keys can open Ordinary Chests.
    • The Mabinogi site had misprinted the cost of one Premium Chest Key as 700NX.
  • A Premium Chest will contain a normal game item and an advanced play item.
  • The store value of chests has dropped from 10,000 gold to 5 gold, decreasing its value as ego food.

Ordinary Treasure Chest Rewards

Premium Treasure Chest Rewards