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Treasure Dungeon

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Treasure Dungeon Entrance.
A player uncovering the Treasure Dungeon via Exploration using an L-Rod.
The Tablet of the Sun Priest
When a head is attacked, it will glow to stand out from the other four. Once all five have been hit, the dungeon door will open.
The interior of the Treasure Dungeon.

A Treasure Dungeon is a special dungeon that can be uncovered throughout Iria using L-Rod Exploration with the Treasure Hunter talent as the active talent. They may spawn in-place of non-boxed hidden artifacts, and the user who uncovered it is prompted to uncover the dungeon or the regular hidden artifact; uncovering the treasure dungeon takes roughly 8 seconds and may randomly fail, though the dungeon will not disappear. Only the person who found the Treasure Dungeon may enter it.

The user is given a Red Wings of the Goddess that teleports to their last visited town/Iria landmark, as the dungeon lacks any exit statues. Alternatively the player may change channels or log-out to return to their original spot.

The dungeon consists of four rooms: the entrance and boss room (the rewards spawn in the boss room after its defeat), and two puzzles.

Dungeon Puzzle

In the entrance room, clicking the Tablet of the Sun Priest produces the following text.

"Three chambers will you face ahead,
And in them you will find yourself.
The first will test your sight and mind.
When faced with order, will you follow?
The second will test your judgement.
When faced with others, who will you choose?
The third will test your resolve.
When faced with consequences, will you falter?
Once you enter, you can not leave.
Prepare yourself, prepare your soul.
And do not enter if you are afraid.
Memorise these words, for you shall only read them once.
Let the feeling they invoke be your guide through the
challenges ahead..."

This is followed by the 5 last lines of the poem, which vary. Consult the list below to translate these 5 lines into a list of 5 emotions. Write down the order, since the poem will not be repeated.

Surprise (Top Left)

  • New things, New Experiences
  • Around every corner.
  • The beginning of curiosity

Sadness (Top Right)

  • Gone, Taken or lost
  • When love goes unrequited
  • The World has, but we do not.

Anger (Center)

  • Close to passion, far from happiness
  • Greed and Mistrust
  • The fire that could break the world.

Smile (Bottom Left)

  • The world will do this with you.
  • The Proven elixir for longevity
  • Hope, Clarity, Joy

Sleep (Bottom Right)

  • Bask in the process of rejuvenation
  • At the end there is peace
  • Sometimes this is all you need

The symbols physically displayed on the Tablet of the Sun Priest are the same every time you enter, and so do not seem to be part of the puzzle.

Proceed to the first chamber, which contains five statues with facial expressions. Clicking all 5 in any order opens to the door to the second chamber. Clicking them in the order given by the last 5 lines of the poem will maximize the final rewards.

Proceed to the second chamber, which contains an exact copy of the five statues from the first chamber. Clicking any statue will open the door to the third chamber, which contains the boss. Currently the significance of this choice is not known.




  • Despite being in Iria, the Treasure Dungeon is considered part of Uladh for the Continent Warp interface, only allowing warps to either Belvast or Iria.