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(8) the Crystal Collector
(9) I saw the library ghost
(10) the Horse and Ostrich Rider
(11) the Archaeologist
(14) the Friend of Hippos
(16) the Wild Animal Tamer
(17) a friend of Monkeys
(18) the Mine Expert
(19) the Fishing Master
(20) the Butterfingers
(21) the Chief Mate
(22) the Ambidextrous
(23) the Lucky
(24) the Daring Hot-Air Balloon Pilot
(25) the Beginner Alchemist
(28) the Elemental Apprentice
(32) the Elemental Master
(33) the Diligent
(34) the Lazy
(35) the Super Diligent
(36) the Aspiring Sailor
(37) who experienced Death
(38) who transcended Death
(39) the Reborn
(40) the Sulfer-poisoned Explorer
(43) the Married
(44) the Adult
(45) the All-Knowing
(46) the Old
(52) the Wise
(53) the Strong
(54) the Skillful
(55) the Experienced
(57) the Tank
(58) the Luxurious
(59) the Hungry
(65) the Outlaw Hunter
(68) the Explorer of Rano
(69) the Connous Explorer
(70) the Explorer of Physis
(71) the Courcle Explorer
(72) the Zardine Explorer
(73) the Lightshedder
(74) Shadow Expeditionary Force
(75) who Paddled at the Age of 10
(76) who Reached Lv 50 at age 10
(77) who was Defeated by a fox at 17
(78) who Almost Slew a Bear at age 10
(79) the Bear Slayer with Bare hands
(80) who slew a Bear at age 10
(81) the Bear Slayer with a Single Blow
(82) the Golem Slayer with a Single Blow
(83) the Golem Slayer
(84) the Succubus Slayer
(85) the Ogre Slayer
(86) the one who Removed the Siren's Mask
(87) who Seduced a Succubus
(88) the Fire Arrow
(90) the Wyvern Hunter
(95) the Conqueror of the Wild
★ the Seal-Breaker of Another World
★ the Master of Combat
★ the Master of Defense
★ the Master of Smash
★ the Assault Slash Master
★ the Master of Counter
★ the Master of Windmill
★ the Master of Critical Hit
★ the Final Hit Master
★ the Master of Swords
★ the Master of Axes
★ the Master of Blunt Weapons
★ the Master of Shields
★ the Master of Crash Shot
★ the Master of Doppelganger
★ the Master of Lances
the Master of Bows
the Master of Crossbows
the Master of Range
the Master of Magnum Shot
the Master of Arrow Revolver
★ the Dischord Master
★ the Heavy Armor Master
★ the Light Armor Master
★ the Animal Taming Master
★ the Transformation Master
★ the Master of Enthralling Performance
★ the Master of Ingredient Hunting
★ the Master of Exploration
★ the Master of Control Marionette
★ the Master of Inciting Incident
★ the Master of Threshold Cutter
★ the Master of Rising Action
★ the Master of Crisis
★ the Master of Climactic Crash
★ the Master of Invigorating Encore
★ the Master of Wire Pull
★ the Master of Puppet Snare
the Production Master
the Master of Fishing
★ the Maestro
★ the Sniper
★ the Gold Strike Master
★ the Master Berserk
★ the Partner of the Male Sword Spirit
★ the One Who Discovered the Maiz Prairie Ruins
★ the Discoverer of Longa Desert Ruins
★ the One Who Discovered Karu Forest Ruins
★ the one that Connected Rano and Connous
★ a Friend of Elves
★ is a friend of Trefor
★ a Friend of Pierrick
★ the Sharer of Joy
★ the Busy
★ who Saved the Goddess
★ the Savior of Erinn
★ the Dragon Knight
★ the Shadow Hero
★ Guardian of the Gate
★ Altam's Ally
★ the Summer Reveler
★ the Strange Dreamer
★ the One Who had Fun in the Sun
★ The Phoenix's Witness
★ The Snowman's Friend
★ the Family Oriented
★ the Truth Seeker
★ the Silencer
★ the Scissor Hand
★ the Rock Fist
★ the Paper Palm
★ Cut Down
★ Crushed
★ Slashed
★ the Avid Collector
★ the Legendary Lumberjack
★ the Blood Master
★ the Tiny Wanderer
★ a 3rd Anniversary Millitian
★ the Friend of Anju
★ the Dual Wield Master
★ the Rage Impact Master
★ the Bash Master
★ the Master of Sakura Abyss
★ the Master of Shurikens
★ the Rejuvinogi Activist
★ the Seven-year Wonder
★ Who Shouldn't Own Sharp Objects
★ Who Can't Find a Needle in a Stack of Needles
★ Who Can Find a Needle in a Haystack
★ Who Cannot Fail
★ Rock Paper Scissors Beginner
★ Rock Paper Scissors Novice
★ Rock Paper Scissors Expert
★ Rock Paper Scissors Master
Valkyrie (guild title)
the Shining Hero
the Furious
the Courteous
The Black Dragon's Honor Guard the Love Soldier Pierrot Colossus Huw Shamala the Lucky Snake

Homestead MapleStory Andras Cichol Effie Fomor Token Hamelin

Legatus Mari Merlin Millia Nao Pan Pierrick

Portia Ruwai Starlet Tarlach Treasure Hunter Tupai Halloween Party

Halloween Trickster SAO Asuna SAO Kirito Be Careful of Icy Roads I Hope it Rains on Christmas If it Snows on Christmas Winter Angel

Couple Breaker 8th Anniversary Fantasista Lorna and Pan's Friend Midsummer Night's Dream McWaffles Walking Freakshow Utawarerumono: The False Faces

Frostblossom Footsteps Twilight Snowfield Maltreat Fury Tanuki Ninja Anju Chocolatier Wind Chime Echoing Night Green Aura

Male Sword Spirit

Ego Male Sword.png

Strength: 50*
Intelligence: 50*
Dexterity: 50
Will: 50*
Luck: 50*
Social: 50*
* capped