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Halloween Slime Mini-Gem.pngTechnological inadequacies currently limit my wiki-contributions ;-;
I am horrible at checking my Board. And e-mail. I am sorry! orz

Knowledge is Power /o/

my other pages o' stuff
so I can... test things
Mission Point Missions (to be done... maybe...)
Style test template

Lists That Need To Be Kept Updated

Wait, I can't keep my own list updated... Whatever, "View history" to figure out orz

Must Eat...

Notes for... Stuff

Cores' Oriental Long Boots - two versions. Same name, same stats, different descriptions, different ego-feeding stats :|
Straw Hat - repair, can't repair, can only repair in summer-ish, 8 dura, 10 dura blegh :|
Template:EquipList Mouseover preview needs fixing for item images that don't end in Equipped_Front.

The Master's Secret Pet Box pets, Astral Pet Box, and Pixie Fantasia Box, and Erinn Marching Band Box
Category:Pet Icons
Category:Skill Icons
Category:Equipment with Custom Animations
Category:Shopping Bags
Category:Recipes didn't know that was a category o.o

Template category stuff

For StyleEquip

  • fixedcolor_dyeable = "Can only be dyed with a Fixed Dye Ampoule."
  • not_dyeable_twinkling_color = "Can only be dyed with a non-flashing Fixed Dye Ampoule."
    • normal_fixedcolor_dyeable = "Cannot be dyed." (So don't use that one)
  • custom_dye_only = "Can only be dyed using Mini Dye Ampoules."
  • not_dyeable = "Cannot be dyed."

Categories for images commonly reused :D

Category:Gift Box Images (wonder if I should add gacha images...)
Category:Coupon Images

My Categories

Category:Event Pets - pets received from events (for free, but not including Fez/Tia/Perseus)
Category:Event Food - to keep track of event-only foods (that are usually 1 star)
Category:NeedCategory - am I the only one that would use this? >.>;

Shaved Ice = Food or Potion?
Maple Fruit / Maple Seed = Food or Potion?
Put Inedible Foods in Event Food?
Extraordinary Fries / Choco-Rox Cookie
??? Petite Potato / Double Yolk Egg / Roasted Festival Turkey
Sakura Rice Cake - only sold during Doki Doki Event?

Spirit of Tuan (Event) Whistle - this announcement for MusicQ pre-reg event

Dye Amps

Amps with their own page, not necessarily linked to the Dye Ampoules page, blargh.

Male Only / Female Only Equips

Hand-held Idle Equips

Non-Body But Wearable Idle Equips

M/F Items that use the same icon

Use same icon, but I may have uploaded 2 separate icons anyway /o/

  • Lymilark Choir Hat/Shoes
  • Royal Hunter Beret/Gloves/Boots
  • Pilgrim's Robe
  • Surgeon's Gown
  • Odd Kitty Gloves/Head/Outfit/Shoes
  • Meryl's Wig
  • Romeo's Wig
  • Connous Leather Gauntlets
  • Avelin's Wig
  • Caswyn's Wig
  • Treasure Hunter Field Wear/Bracers/Boots
  • ...allsome are actually different the re-gendered Eluned junk from the Eweca Orb released Jan. 2017everywhere orz

Just same icon

Odd In-game Icon Transparency

Icons with transparent (i.e. missing) pixels in strange places in-game

Organizational... Issues...

Shining Hero 2nd Title Coupon - given by Finest Phoenix Gift Box (2016). Isn't a typical 2nd title - no picture - has glittery effect. Grants same title as the Shining Hero 2nd Title Giveaway?

Tails - Beauty Shop no longer open. Need NoFront option for Tails. Need Style Tab only options. Tails go in a separate Tail Slot.

Meowbinogi Catchapon Game! (2015) and Meowbinogi Catchapon Game page's rewards listed under Marbles doesn't correspond with Silver Cat Marble +other Marbles actual page's rewards list.


  • Bianca Wing Set should really be named Bianca Set...
  • Black Outing Set friggin Beauty Shop orz
  • Bonita Silky Set should really be Bonita Set...
  • Yes, I broke the guidelines with the Broken Horn Trainee Set. W/e, my logic trumps others' logic >_>

Event-Only (so far) Outfit Boxes

No Robe only, containing 2+ items


White Stallion! White Cosmic Stallion Whistle or White Stallion Whistle?

Support Puppets - Spooky Support Packages

...missing a Premium Winter Newbie Wear set for elves - 2008-ish...? Maybe from 2008 Premium Winter Newbie Wear Box? blargh orz

Pets with apparently same stats

S.S. Cotton Candy = Leek (Pet) = Flying Star = Night Sweeper
Holiday Mini Bear = Cone Hat Panda ?

Item Categories...

How do you know if something is wooden or steel or what have you?! Assuming the information is correct...

Camo - Not usable on Steel
Hard - Only Metal Weapons and Armor
Strider - Metal Boots
Pirate - Light Armor
Strong - Helmet
Collector - Heavy Gloves
Ancient - Leather Armor
Annnnd other enchants that are more difficult to obtain and above rank A. Darn it.


Monster Rewards Table didn't know that existed. long table is long /o/ orz what

Homestead Dragons

Dragon Playtime: Cooking
How to Get Quest

Speak with baby dragon.

Briefing Cook with the baby dragon in your homestead.
  • Make a 5-star dish for the dragon in your homestead.
  • Talk to the baby dragon in your homestead.
  • 100,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Docile: (You put the food down next to the baby dragon.
It approaches cautiously and takes slow, careful bites.)
Cute: (The baby dragon rushes at the dish the instant you put it down.
It shoves its whole face into the food, making a big mess as it chows down.
Contented, it trots over to you and rubs up against your leg.)
Fierce: (You set the food down next to the baby dragon.
It eyes the dish suspiciously, then sticks out its tongue and tastes it.
A second later, the food is gone and the dragon has a satisfied grin.)

Dragon Playtime: Music
How to Get Quest

Speak with baby dragon.

Briefing Play some beautiful music for the dragon in your Homestead.
  • Play music with great success 5 times in your Homestead.
  • Talk to the baby dragon in your Homestead.
  • 100,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Docile: (As you play the final note to your perfect song,
you notice that the baby dragon has fallen right to sleep.)
Cute: (The baby dragon dances and romps around to the rhythm of the music.)
Fierce: (You were so wrapped up in your playing, you didn't notice that the
dragon had started to dance. It keeps dancing until it sees you
looking at it, then drops down on all fours and growls at you.)

Dragon Playtime: Transformation
How to Get Quest

Talk to the Baby Dragon and select one of its quests.

Briefing Use the Transformation skill to play with the dragon in your Homestead.
  • Play with the dragon in your Homestead 5 times.
  • Talk to the baby dragon in your Homestead.
  • 100,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Docile: (The baby dragon narrows its eyes with you.
It walks in a tight circle around you, looking you up and down with suspicion.)
Cute: (The baby dragon steps back, looking up at you in surprise.
Then it throws itself into your arms with a toothy grin.
Its claws dig into your skin, but what's a flesh wound or two between friends?)
Fierce: Grr! (The baby dragon hops away from you.
It stares up at you and growls, puffs of smoke coming from its nostrils.
It looks like it won't recognize you in this form.)

Dragon Playtime: Cooking
How to Get Quest

Speak with baby dragon.

Briefing Cook with the baby dragon in your Homestead.
  • Make 5 dishes in your Homestead.
  • Talk to the baby dragon in your Homestead.
  • 100,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Docile: (The baby dragon is drawn in by the smell of the food.
It watches you cook, sitting by your side in absolute silence.)
Cute: (The baby dragon sneaks up behind you and smacks its lips as you cook.
It rolls over onto its back and waves its claws in the air.)
Fierce: (The baby dragon comes near you, its snout in the air to smell the food.
A puff of steam rises from the dish, and the dragon scrambles back, baring its fangs at you.)

Renown Quests

Under 'Basic' Tab

[Guide] Building Renown
How to Get Quest


Briefing People have been talking about you lately. As a warrior, you're second to none. However, if you want to build your reputation in other ways, come see me. I'd love to see what you're capable of.
- Duncan
  • Talk to Duncan in Tir Chonaill
  • 10,000 Experience Points
  • 5,000 Gold
Additional Information

MusicQ patch beginning 12/15/2016


[Renown] Is Music Your Calling?
How to Get Quest

Reach Level 10 Renown for Yvona.

Briefing The chatter in the wind tells me you've been practicing music. Practice alone isn't enough to make you an excellent performer, so I want to give you something that may be of some help. Come see me when you have time.
  • Talk to Yvona in Abb Neagh
[Renown] A Talented Musician
How to Get Quest

Reach Level 20 Renown for Yvona.

Briefing All anyone ever talks about is how much you've improved as a musician. It's actually getting a little annoying... Anyway, this is the result of all your practice and dedication. I have something for you, so come see me when you get the chance.
  • Talk to Yvona in Abb Neagh


[Renown] Natural-Born Composer
How to Get Quest

Reach Level 10 Renown for Nele.

Briefing I'm impressed by how dedicated you've been to composing music. I've prepared a gift, so stop by when you have the chance. It should help you with your future compositions.
  • Talk to Nele in Emain Macha


[Renown] Music Connoisseur
How to Get Quest

Reach Level 10 Renown for Briana.

Briefing Everyone's been talking about you! I'm so happy to hear about your deep love of music! I've prepared a gift to show you my support, so why don't you come pay me a visit?
  • Talk to Briana at Rath Royal Castle 2F