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About me

Hey, the name is [s]Hakumeichan. I'm in the guild Corleonis[/s] Hopen. I'm in the guild Strategists on the Ruairi server, I like to be called Mei, although Hope is fine too, and I have four in-game pets, Blodvinge, Reiniku, Shado-jinrai, and Smokeykun, a Falcon, Haflinger, Desert Cobra and a Dalmatian on my first account, and Adelis the Crystal Deer on my main account(Respectively). I love to roleplay and I may roleplay with you in game if you ask. I'm usually in Channel 3, but I go to other channels to help friends or if I'm shopping for items. I'm not set to a specific type of fighting, so I'm basically mostly melee, but I still do archery and magic as well. I'm Gordon's Ideal for Emain Macha as long as I have my Traditional Dress on and then I'm also Deian's ideal. I enjoy taking pictures on Mabinogi, but I take too much time trying to make them perfect. o.O;

Oh. And I tend to like DDR music, anime music, video game music, some music with rock guitar in it. (Heavy and metal = yuck and VERY few exceptions. *Shudder* D:) I'm an anime fan, I love video games, especially Final Fantasy; I wanna learn how to do Caramelldansen, but I'd rather not make my parents wonder what I'm doing. xD My current favorite characters are Pierrick, Elleha, and Comgan. I like how clown-ish Pierrick is and Comgan is just so cute and innocent! <3 Plus, Elleha is an incubus and hawwwwttt~<3 Feel free to ask any questions~ x3

To-Do List

[-] = Not done yet
[/] = Half-way
[x] = Done
[∞] = Always working on.

Mabi Goals

'Cause I forget what I need (to do) often.

  • Win Peaca [x]
  • Win Peaca Basic [x]
  • Win the Fashion Contest Finals
  • Get a Guardian Bow for my Elf [ ]
  • Rank Venux to R1 Lightning [
  • Rank Venux to R1 Thunder [ ]

My Characters

Whatever is in brackets ( "( )" ) means it wasn't originally intended to be part of the name, but was required to get the name.

Name Race Job Use
Hakumei(chan) Werewolf Ex-Paladin Roleplay
Venux Incubus Lightning Mage Roleplay
Primevere Elf Ghost Seductress Roleplay
Eventyr Giant Warrior Semi-Roleplay
Estelle(a) Enchanted Doll Maid Roleplay
Scylla(a) Succubus Seductress/Warrior Roleplay
Tomberry Tonberry Warrior Just for fun
Aili(i)sh Human Warrior-in-training Roleplay
Euthalia Elf Bard Musician/Roleplay
Corte Elf Warrior Roleplay
Hopen Human Jack-of-all trades Main Character