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First off: I keep my facts straight and to the most correct detail. If I am not sure of something I do not put my word into it. I edit things only that I see need editing, and contribute where I am needed.

So here is a bit about my character:


-Server: Alexina
-Race: Elf
-Guild: Tribunal
-Level: 3k+
-Colors: Black and Blue
-Royal Alchemist
-Skills of interest:
R1 Healing
R1 Range
R1 Crash Shot
R1 Bow Mastery
R1 Magnum Shot
R1 Mirage Missile
R1 Assault Slash
R1 Combat Mastery
R1 Water Cannon
R1 Counterattack
R1 Defense
R1 Critical Hit
R1 Smash
R1 Fury of Connous

I am willing to help anyone in need of my assistance in game. Feel free to note me or add me if you need any Royal Alchemist assistance, or just some help in the game, or a question. If it's not completely out there to the point where I cannot help you and I am not busy, I will be willing to assist any who ask :)

I keep my in game life, and my real life separate. Though I will say I am 20 in college so I do have a life outside of this game. I make friends inside the game, and yes some of those friendships do carry on to my real life, but that is per chance and only goes to those whom are close to me in game. Other than that note, I will not open up about my real life. I'm in Mabinogi to have fun, and escape to some dimension of non-reality from time to time. Going to keep it that way. :P