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Welcome to Kyrie's Profile! x3

My character

Risen guild and some other people waiting (impatiently xD) for the Ifrit to spawn. (Which didn't spawn at the location I was in. >:O Thanks to Regiko for event picture)

IGN: Ellis

Race: Elf

Server: Alexina

Channel: Mainly Ch1 [60% doing dungeons with people, 30% doing fun stuff/dealing with ego, 10% doing nothing]

Guild: Nothing

Status: Super-Active. XD

Preferred Titles: the Ogre Slayer, who Transended death, The Rano/Connous/Physis Explorer



Still too lazy to do it.

About me

About Me: Joined during Closed Beta (still not a pro since I barely even played back then lol), plays Mabinogi almost every day, a proud member of Risen, likes making boy characters for some apparent reason... I'm 13 years of age, likes video games, sports, listening to music, playing the piano and guitar and playing tennis and b-ball in my spare time. Joined the new server Alexina 2 hours after the server first opened. Has 2 characters each in Mari and Ruairi, 1 character in Tarlach.

Finished Goals

[X]Spirit weapon!

[X]Finished Falcon Elf Quest! Falcon FTW!!! :D

No current goals.

Additional Notes

I do mostly minor editing to the MabiWiki, this profile is the most I edited. DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE! Or else... xD