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User:LexisMikaya/Abyss Advanced 101

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Welcome to Abyssal Hell 101, where you will learn the true nature of Abyss Dungeons first hand!

What is an Abyss Dungeon

A brand new difficulty exclusive to Peaca and Coill Dungeon! A remix of two of dungeons filled with nightmarish terrors and horrifying experiences!

Tips & Recommendations

General Tips

  • Surviving Abyss Dungeons requires the utmost preparations.
    • This includes but not limited to: Potions, Feathers, spotters with Advanced Feathers.
  • Bring Nao Soul Stones! These may prove beneficial for a quick full recovery for getting back to killing!
    • If you can spare some Adventurer Seals, get Guardian Soul Stones instead! These Super Naos will give you a 10 second window to null all damage to 1 and protect you from everything! In addition, your Transformations will be refreshed, even if it isn't time for the daily in-game reset!
  • Make sure all of your equipment is in top notch condition, as you may spend somewhere between 30 minutes to several hours inside.

Coill Abyss Only

  • You can get up here! Don't worry about farming another pass, you can just get up and keep going!
    • Just remember to keep your distance after getting up, otherwise you risk getting KO'd again.
  • You can set up Campfires if necessary for things like Fire Arrows for increased Criticals!

Peaca Abyss Only

  • Gathering an extremely experienced party is recommended for Peaca Abyss.
    • The weakest member should stay back with party Feathers in hand during rooms 2 and 3.
  • Using a pet and the rest command between the Hallways of Rooms 2 and 3 will prove beneficial as an Aggro magnet!
    • Command Mode is advised, along with the Rest for Pets hotkeyed somewhere.
  • Many monsters will aggro almost instantaneously, even outside the rendering distance.
    • Pet's Area of Effect skills on summon may switch the aggro to yourself after desummoning them.
      • In fact, I wouldn't recommend Pet AoEs at all. Some are even immune!
  • Having an Elf in the party may prove beneficial of saving Party wipeouts.
  • You can't set up Campfire or Barrier Spikes here. Be cautious of your surroundings!

Coill Abyss Guide

So you want to tackle Coill Abyss...better gear up then. Majority of the monsters here are of hardmode difficulty, or at least it feels like it to some degree. It may even be borderline Elite! I would highly recommend tackling this one when you have a large understand of the game, as well as high skill ranks. You may even want to prep some Nao/Guardian Soul Stones for this one. You must go at it alone, in the dark depths of this colorful world.

What to do

In Coill Abyss, the monsters are fairly small in numbers, but do pack a punch! Their AIs are rather standard and don't aggro on sight. Being far away is recommended. If you are of a melee class (Close Combat, Fighter, Lancer), you will have a bit tough to keep your distance on some. You can take out majority of the monsters, and Multi-aggro can be a bit of a concern.

Fortunately the dungeon has a rather nice format to it, each room has specific mobs. Here they are as follows:

Room 1: Insecticides

Majority of the monsters in this room are more or less Spiders, Larvae, and the occasional Dingo. The key here is to single them out, as many will try and multi-aggro.

Room 2: Elemental

For the most part, Sprites, both Giant and normal, will spawn here. On occasion you may face Golems, Plants, or some form of Sprite accompanied by many more.

The Sprites are extremely aggressive and will almost, always aggro immediately. The last thing you want to be hit by is the Giant Ice Sprite's Ice Spear, as it will mean certain death.

Room 3: Plant Life

You will mostly find plants and Sarracenias here along with Sprites of the same element. On occasion, Ratmen, Crabs, and Dragonflies. Beware of multi-aggro from Crabs.

Monster Analysis

The numbers here are fairly small, somewhere between 3 to 8 monsters at once. Spawns will vary but most monsters are fairly easy for many high-end players. If you are an average player like myself, then you will want to take the tips here to heart.


Due to natural elemental resistance, you will want to take out all of the Giant ones as quick as possible. They have have access to Intermediate Magic; Fireball, Thunder, and Ice Spear, and also has Chain Casting. They can be quite bulky and will deal massive damage if their magic lands successfully.


They are stationary targets, but not exactly easy. If you have access to Magic and/or Range attacks, you can pick them off rather easily. If not, my advice to you is to defeat the Mutant Maneating Plant, or the large giant plant. They have access to Fireball, and letting it launch one is something you do not want to happen. They have some degree of range Immunity, so be careful.


Before I explain what they do, a Sarracenia is a genus of plant species that are carnivorous and attract insects using a scent and basically lure their prey in. Insects fall in and well...the rest is history.

That aside, they will try to bait you, but are fairly easy. They are about as tough as Skeletons Ghosts, something found often in Maiz Prairie Dungeon.


Pretty much multi-aggro on sight and will try to defeat you in large numbers. If you have a steady head, you'll be fine. Their damage can build up rather quickly, so have a countermeasure somewhere.


You will want to be careful around these guys. Abnormally large defense can make these tedious to take down. They are essentially worms, so no problems here if you can fight worms normally. Larvas are as aggressive as the Hardmode Alby Advanced versions.

Room Clearing Tips

As with every dungeon, clearing every room is vital to proceed. Here are some tips I can give you from personal experience.

  • Lullaby Is Your Friend: For Bards, and anyone with a high ranked Lullaby, stalling will help easy the amount of aggro you will have to suffer through.
  • Distractions Are Also Your Friend: A high ranked Summon Golem, Barrier Spike, Pierrot Marionette, or Colossus Marionette will gladly take some of the heat when Lullaby fails or runs out.
  • Take Them From A Distance: If you can not handle multi-aggro, it is still possible to single them out using distance attacks.
  • [More pending]

Boss Strategies

After making your way into the final room, a Giant Tree awaits you. The Great Tree of Life, Sephirot, will attempt to finish you as fast as possible. For the love that is good and mighty, do not mistake him for the world's most overrated villain of time, Sephiroth. I am sick and tired of hearing about him! Besides...Kefka's better.

Ranting aside, here are my tips to you:

  • Avoid Killing Summons: Killing Sephirot's summons100 is a horrible idea. The Sephirot can summon more whenever any die and it is best to isolate it from whatever it summons.
  • Watch Carefully: All of Sephirot's attacks have extremely notable indicators and takes some time to prepare. Being able to react fast is the key to countering Sephirot.
  • Do Not Leave Yourself Open Often: Never spam moves with high recovery time100 during the animation and leaving yourself open. This is dangerous, especially when the Sephirot uses Abyss Snare. You will always want to put yourself in a position to be able to load the Defense skill.
  • Avoid The Judgement: The Sephirot is capable of dealing an instant 9,999 Damage with its jumping skill, Abyss Judgement. The Kill Zones100 is dependent on what color is charged up when it attempts to jump. Standing outside the Kill Zone deals 100 Damage instead. Turn off Mini Effects to see the color.
    • The kill zone of the Yellow aura is located directly next to the Sephirot.
    • The kill zone of the Green aura is located about mid range, 500~ Distance from the Sephirot.
    • The kill zone of the Red aura is located away from the Sephirot.
  • Shields Are Your Friend: Whether it is a weak Round Shield or the almighty Guard Cylinder, using it with Defense loaded, along with Mana Shield and/or Wings of Eclipse can significantly lower the damage of Abyss Judgement.
  • No Tree Hugging: Don't play the tree hugger; Sephirot and its summons are immediately drawn to you like a moth to the flame and will harass you constantly. Sephirot loves to circle you at close proximity, only to hit you with an extremely painful whack, Abyss Terror, that is many times powerful than a Wooden Stick/Blade. The only time it is safe to "hug" Sephirot is when it uses a Green or Red Judgement.
  • [More pending]

Peaca Abyss Guide

What to do

Monster Analysis

Boss Strategies