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User:Lint/New Spirit Weapon Quotes

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Ego Female Wand.png

By Level

Level 1 - ?
Info Tab
"It's nice to talk like this from time to time."
"Uh, weren't you busy?"
Enhancement Tab
"Ability? Don't make we wait too long..."
"Are you really thinking about raising my ability?"
Growth Tab
"I'm grateful for what you give me but...

Don't push yourself... I don't want to burden you."

"Hmm? Are you going to give me something?

Ohoho... So you do care!
Thank you for being considerate."

Chat Tab
Keyword Dialogue
Private Story "I was without a physical body, but here I am before you, in the shape of a human, thanks to our bonding. It might sound a bit too serious, but I hope you cherish this relationship.

There's nothing more miserable for a Spirit than trusting a human who fails to cherish the relationship..."

Nearby Rumors "We are all Spirits, but there's a fine line between Spirits like us, who inhabit a weapon, and the Spirits who appear from the will of nature. Strictly speaking, their powers are much greater than ours...

Oh, dear... You look quite disappointed. If you'll allow me to continue... we're not entirely weak.
When the human and the spirit bound by the contract form a perfectly harmonious bond, the resultant power is comparable to that of nature Spirits.
But don't let that power be the only thing you chase. That'd be very sad..."

Skills "You're curious about skills? Perhaps you ought to ask a human who might know more about skills than I?"
Part-Time Jobs "You wish to know about Part-Time Jobs. That's nice. But I'm a Spirit.
Classes and Training "The school, I hear, is a place where people lacking the experience or wisdom to live in this world gather to learn from more educated people.

Honestly, I don't even see how such a service is necessary..."

Teardrop of the Spirit "The Teardrop of the Spirit isn't an actual teardrop, you see. It's like a small gem... A manifestation of our power of blessing.

I don't know what you plan to use it for, but... I hope you find a good use for it."

Idle: "What do you want to ask me about?" / "Say whatever you want. I'm listening." Failed: "I'm thinking this isn't anything I can answer you on." / "It's for me to say anything because I'm not really interested." / "I don't really know much about that... Sorry I can't be much help."

Feeding: "I'm able to absorb this amazingly quick. This is great!" "I think this is good!
It brings good things to mind.

Upgrade: "I think I got a little better, but...
It's not as much as I expected..."

Level Up: "I went up a level.
I feel like I'm growing steadily."