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User:Powder Rune

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About Me

I'm pretty easy to find due to my favorite colors being pink and white. They're the only colors that I wear.

Even though my full alias is Powder Rune, I would greatly appreciate it if you just addressed me as Rune. =p

I began Mabinogi on Korean Test Server in spring of 2007, but lost my internet in the fall and was forced to quit Mabinogi. I returned with my own internet connection in November 2008 and am happily playing now~

IGN: Runelle
Server: NA Mari
DOB: September 19, 1990
Gender: Female

Feel free to add me in-game. If you do, please let me know who you are. I usually wait 3 days before deleting random adds that never speak to me.

As an ardent perfectionist, one of my primary goals is to make the M-World Wiki look and feel more professional. I'm mostly a "sweeper," and tend to clean up misspellings & grammatical errors, remove irrelevant information, make tables, templates, & layouts homogeneous, and generally try to improve the accessibility & friendliness of the wiki.

I'm an administrator at M-World, so if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me! Use my Discussion Page, PM me on the forums, or visit IRC. If I am online at all, I am usually on IRC, and that is probably the best way to get my direct attention.

Aside from Mabinogi, I'm a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). I plan to be interactive media & design major with a concentration in animation. I don't have a site with an archive of all my work yet, but I'm currently searching. Let me know if you're aware of a nice, free host that isn't deviantART!

New to the wiki? Here's a few ways you can help:

  • First, read our policy before making any changes.
  • All things in Category:Stubs need basic info.
  • Items in Category:NeedDesc are missing their in-game descriptions! Add them if you find them in-game or see them in a shop.
  • If you own lots of clothing and armor, items in Category:NeedPicture need pictures of them equipped in-game!
  • The items in Category:NeedRepair need their repair costs. Just go to the blacksmith and write down the repair cost for us (you don't even have to really repair there; just get us the number).
  • Similarly, the items in Category:NeedMarket are mostly missing their resale value at the NPC.
  • See Category:Incomplete for other pages and categories of missing info.

About User Pages and User Page Images

I'm one of the admins who purge user pages based on the policy. Every Friday, we will be deleting user pages that do not comply with said policies. This also includes deleting unused user-uploaded images.

If your page has been deleted and locked due to policy violation:

  • Please understand that I'm not targeting you personally and do not wish to fight with or anger you.
  • Read and post on this thread if you want your page to be unblocked. Do NOT private message me or any other wiki admin to unlock your page.

If you have been given a warning for not following the user page image policy, the following applies:

  • If you don't modify your page to fit the guidelines, it will be modified for you at my (or another admin's) discretion a week following the initial warning (i.e. the next Friday).
  • Your user page is limited to up to 10 pictures that, together, total up to 3,000kB (~3mb) in file size.
  • If you're uploading screen shots straight from the game, make sure they are no bigger than 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • More details on the policy page, so go take a look!

We simply ask that you follow the rules. Then, there should be no problem.

Monster Templates

I've become OCD about the monster template, so if you're editing and/or making these, please do the following to reduce inconsistencies with the layout of data and universalize all the tables (plus, it looks better this way):


  • Do not make up values. Use the format specified here.
    • Use "Very Fast/Fast/Normal/Slow/Very Slow" and not "Extremely Fast" for monster speed.
  • Add a comma at each triplet for a numerical value except CP.
  • Preview and check all of your links to see if they go to the correct place!

In the Field info box,

  • Link to the name of the field that the monsters appear.
    • If they are in a very specific location, use parenthesis ( ) to clarify.
  • Do not use parenthesis ( ) to indicate Field Bosses, because they should already be classified under ==Field Boss==, unless the monster is a Field Boss in one location, and then something else in another location.
    • Black Wizard is a Field Boss for Gairech Hill, but a regular Boss monster in Barri Brown Fomor Pass, therefore, you must clarify by writing *[[Gairech Hill]] ([[Black Wizard Location|Locations]]) (Field Boss) in the Field info box and *[[Barri Brown Fomor Pass]] (Boss) in the Dungeon info box.
    • If a field boss has its location specified as well as an image linking to the area, write *[[Map_Name]] ([[Monster_Location|Specified_Area]]).
  • Example:

MonsterTemp FieldEx.jpg

In the Dungeon info box,

  • List out each dungeon on its own bullet (*)
  • Use the entire dungeon's name, and link it all of the to the right place! No abbreviations such as "Adv" in place of "Advanced."
    • If you want to link to Ciar Advanced for Two, write out *[[Ciar Advanced for Two]]
    • If a monster appears in ALL Rundal Advanced dungeons (Unlimited, for Two, and for Three), write *[[Rundal Advanced]]. However, if it only appears in Rundal Advanced Unlimited and Rundal Advanced for Three, write out *[[Rundal Advanced Unlimited]] and *[[Rundal Advanced for Three]] to link viewers to the exact location.
  • Indicate in parenthesis ( ) if the monster is a boss, but do not link it. You must do this for all dungeon bosses because even though they are classified under ==Boss==, there are some monsters that are bosses in one place, but not another (ie. Werewolves).
    • Write out *[[Barri Basic]] (Boss)
  • Example:

MonsterTemp DungeonEx.jpg

In the Loot (Equipment and Misc) info boxes,

  • List everything out, and link them if possible!
    • Don't put "*Base/Mana/Sunlight Herb." Write out *[[Base Herb]], *[[Mana Herb]], and *[[Sunlight Herb]] in their own separate bullets (*) instead.
  • Make sure that Dungeon Passes link to *[[Dungeon_Pass#Correct_Dungeon_Here]].
  • Arrows, Bolts, and Magic Powders belong under the Misc section because they are technically not equipments.
  • If a monster gives regular EXP and Exploration EXP upon being defeated, follow this format:
    • <Regular_EXP_Amount> '''EXP'''<br><Exploration_EXP_Amount> '''Exploration'''
      • The template will automatically add the last "EXP" to the end of the line, so it'll appear as "Exploration EXP."
      • See Giant Sand Worm for a reference.

I'm extremely picky when it comes to aesthetics. Make it look nice! This section may be updated if I find anything else that needs to be homogenized.

Task List

In Progress

Need to do

  • Replace all poor-quality screen shots or ones with visible user names in them. Some specific articles are:
  • Finish labeled Rano maps with important sketch-related and quest-related locations.
  • Clean up Spirit Weapon Food Lists and universalize the formatting within the tables.
  • Add guide on making the bridge connecting Rano and Connous.
  • Link monsters in the spawn pattern charts to their respective page.


  • Published the wiki's Image Policy.
  • Create Monster Spawn Pattern for Ciar Intermediate for 4.
  • Replace the compressed user-uploaded images on the Robes page.
  • Implemented new templates for everything in Category:Headgear with the help of Angevon.
  • Created [[:Category:Future Clothes|Category:Future Clothes]] and moved all unimplemented clothing into it.


My Wiki
User:Powder Rune/Copypasta

JP Wiki - Fantastic resource
Kuroshin MabiCalc - Useful for planning out AP distribution
Mabinogi Character Simulator 2 - Best one out there. IE only
Darkmgl's lag fix made visual - How to disable Nagle Algorithm, with pictures courtesy of Angevon

Fun Stuff
Chapters of Mabinogi - the webcomic I began but never continued
Rune's Mabi Gallery - My Mabinogi-related artwork thread on M-World forums
#mabinogi Stats - Random but fun statistics over M-World's IRC channel
PowderRune's DeviantART - My DA, not much of my portfolio on it though.