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User:Rydian/Elemental Immune

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  • A list of enemies/areas that elemental reforges don't work on.

Alban Training Grounds

  • Alban Knight Golem

Apocalypse / G22 / Tech Duinn

  • Everything that shows up in the missions.
    • Tathlum, Evil Eye Monolith, Fire Slime, Ice Slime, Lightning Slime, Illusion Salamander, Illusion Zombie, Black Moon Follower, Illusion of Balor, Tech Duinn Geata, Grendel, Red Lizard Witch, Hellcat, Chon Chon, Spider Warrior, Bomb Bat, Red-tipped Tarantula, Clone of Balor, etc.

Avalon Raids

  • Sylvan Dragon & Summons
  • Mokkurkalfi (not worms)
  • Archelon
  • Tagar
  • Creag & Crystal Wyverns

Crusader Raids

  • Girgashiy & Summons
  • Zebach & Summons
  • Hasidim


  • Coill Abyss Monsters & Sephirot
  • Peaca Abyss Monsters & Duke
  • Rabbie Phantasm Enemies & Succubus Queen (Except Fire/Ice/Lightning Succubus)
  • Sidhe Finnachaid Monsters & Song of Grief

Iria Raids

  • White Dragon & Summons
  • Black Dragon & Summons

Lord Missions

  • Abb Neagh Convoy Escort Enemies
  • Belvast Hostage Rescue Enemies
  • The Secret of Scathach Caverns Enemies

Saga / Iria

  • Cessair
  • Hillwen Mines Enemies
  • Shyllien Nature Reserve Enemies
  • Various enemies from within the quests