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User:Rydian/Wiki Formatting For Editors With Relatively Short Attention Spans

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Coding Tips

Making Links

  • [[Link Name]] - Simply putting brackets around a word will turn it into a link.
  • [[True Link | Link as it appears]] - If you want the Link Name to appear as something else, this works for all kinds of links.

Image Links

  • [[Image:Image_Name.ext | link=Page_Name]] - Replaces the link to an image's file page with a link to another page.

Category Links

  • [[:Category:Category_Name]] - links to the Category page itself
    • [[:Category:Category_Name | Optional_Replacement_Text]]
    • Note: Dont forget to add the first colon (i.e., ":") in front of the word "Category", otherwise the link won't be displayed, instead the category's name will be displayed on the bottom of the page and the page will be listed in that category.
  • [[Category:Category_Name]]
    • Not actually a link code but somewhat similar. This will list a page in a category and will only display the category's name on the bottom of the page using this code. The difference here, from the previous link code, is that there is no colon (i.e., ":") in front of the word "Category."
    • This code will only display the category's name on the bottom of a page, no matter where it is placed in a page's code. For this reason, the code should be placed beneath all other code on a page, as this will allow it to be easily found when editing. A page can be listed on multiple category pages, if desired, by adding this code to the bottom of the page for each category.

Linking to Specific Parts of a Page

  • [[Page_Name#Section_or_Anchor_Name]] - Provides a link from a page to a desired section header or anchor on another page.
  • [[#Section_or_Anchor_Name]] - Links to the section or anchor in the current page.
  • [[Page_Name#Section_or_Anchor_Name x]]
  • If the desired section header or anchor on the same page is one of multiple section headers and/or anchors using the same name then use this instead.
    • Where x is replaced with the number obtained by counting down the section headers and/or anchors with the same name, till the desired one is reached.
    • There must be a space between Section_or_Anchor_Name and x.


  • {{anchor| Anchor_Name}}
    • This template creates a hidden destination for a link where Anchor_Name can be replaced with any desired name (preferably relevant to whatever it acts as an anchor for).
    • Can be used instead of a page or section header as a destination for a link.
    • It does not display on the saved destination page and see the above link codes for creating a link to the anchor from another page or on the same page.

Request Page Deletion

  • Page the following code on the image or page you think should be deleted:
  • reason — the explanation for why this page should be deleted.

Marking as Stub

  • Place {{Stub}} at the top when creating a page where little or no information will be added immediately but is expected to be added at a later date.

Redirect Pages

  • #redirect[[link]] makes a redirect, i.e. an automatic link elsewhere
    • This is really helpful for redirecting common terms via the search function (i.e. Reforges -> Reforge).
      • Primarily used on pages use variations of the spelling of a target page's title or use different words that mean the same thing.
  • To go to a redirect page click on a link that uses the redirect page's title.
    • This will take you to the target page of the redirect and not the redirect page itself.
    • Immediately under the target page's title will be "(Redirected from [Redirects Page's Title])."
    • Whatever replaces Redirects Page's Title will be a link to the redirect page, click on it and you will (finally!) be taken to the redirect page itself.

Making Lists

Bullet Points

Bullet points are made by using an asterisk, *. Using more than one indents the bulletpoint

* idea
***more idea
*idea 2
**followup 2


  • idea
    • concept
      • more idea
  • idea 2
    • followup 2

Numbered List

Number signs create easy lists

# example1
# example2
# example3


  1. example1
  2. example2
  3. example3

Preventing Wiki Formatting

<nowiki>code</nowiki> removes the wiki code, so the text will just appear as text.

Hidden Text Code




See Template:Tabs for full details.

|tab1=Example Tab 1
|contents1=Example Contents 1
|tab2=Example Tab 2
|contents2=Example Contents 2


Example Contents 1

Wiki Table Tips

Table Template

{| class="mabitable"
! Column1 Name !! Column2 Name !! Column3 Name
|  1a || 2a || 3a
|  1b || 2b || 3b
|rowspan="2"|  1c ||colspan="2"| 2c
|  2d || 3d

It looks like this:

Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b
1c 2c
2d 3d

Additional Table Classes

  • "mabitable sortable" - Makes tables that viwers can sort alphabetically or numerically.
  • "mabitable collapsible collapsed" - Makes the table able to be collapsed, and collapsed by default.

Useful Special Pages