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Water Balloon Event (2011)

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June 15th 2011 ~ June 21st 2011


With school starting to let out, the heat and humidity are becoming more and more apparent. Cool off with nature's most abundant cooling substance: water! As with all competitive games in Mabinogi, Lorna and Pan are sure to be seen nearby. The Water Balloon Event takes place in Sliab Cuilin, so head over and join a team!

Upon arriving in Sliab Cuilin, speak to Lorna to join the red team or Pan to join the blue team. Team recruitment begins at the top of each hour and lasts ten minutes in real-world time. Once team recruitment has ended, let the water fight begin!

Teams will then rush towards buckets filled with water balloons, which are used to soak opposing team members or taking out one of the various gigantic balloons surrounding the play area. Points are awarded by an individual basis and by a team basis, but be warned: the game is decided by team points. A quick break down of how a player can receive points: hitting another player with a balloon, knocking out another player, hitting a gigantic balloon, and popping a gigantic balloon. Don't worry about HP levels for the water balloon event – it is normalized so that the game isn't skewed in fairness. Team points are awarded solely on the basis of gigantic balloons popped. Team gigantic balloons are worth 40 points and the neutral gigantic balloon is worth 60 points.

A game will draw to a conclusion either when the twenty-minute game expires or a team reaches 120 team points. If the game clock counts down and no team has reached 120 points, then the game will be decided in favor of the team with the highest single individual score.

If your team is victorious, you will be rewarded with The Summer Reveler title, which grants 5 Dex, 5 Str, and 10 Max Stamina.

School is out! It's time to run outside and start a water fight! The Water Balloon Event will run from 6/15 ~ 6/21.[1]

Basic Information

  • The event takes place in Sliab Cuilin and runs once every real-time hour.
    • You may join either Pan's Blue Team or Lorna's Red Team during the Team Recruitment period, which lasts 10 minutes starting at the top of each hour.
    • Each game lasts until either 20 minutes have passed or if one of the teams has earned 120 points.
  • No Skills may be used.
  • No Pets may be summoned.
  • Potions may not be used.
  • You may not attack or be attacked by monsters roaming around the map while you are playing on either team, such as the Red Grizzly Bears near the central balloons. Monsters may still aggro and follow balloon players around, but are otherwise unable to cause damage.
  • Balloon baskets are aligned to one team only; they are not for all players to use. The baskets closest to their team representative (Pan for Blue and Lorna for Red, respectively) can only be accessed by that team. Keep this in mind when wandering far into the opposing team's territory.
  • Players must use the Water Balloon Throwing Action during the event, which is used to toss a Water Balloon.
    • Balloons are obtained in from the basket. You may only hold a stack of 20 at a time.
    • Balloons do not actually "damage" the player, although the injury is shown over the character's head, but the user interface is unaffected.
    • Balloons do a set damage of 10% of the opponent's HP.
    • Balloons have 100% Wound Rate.
    • If rendered unconscious by a balloon, the player must wait 10 seconds to respawn.
  • Points are rewarded for the following:
    • Hitting opposing players with water balloons.
    • Knocking out opposing players with water balloons.
    • Popping a Giant Water Balloon.
      • This takes a lot of hits to achieve (hundreds, at least). Yellow Giant Water Balloons have over 1000 balloon's worth of HP, and have more HP than team-color Giant Water Balloons (approximately around 600 balloon's worth).
      • Team Water Balloons are worth 40 points while Neutral Water Balloons (the ones colored in yellow) are worth 60.
  • At the end of each game, the players on the winning team will receive the Summer Reveler title.
    • People who haven't updated their client will see the title as The Beginning of Summer.
    • The event is currently glitched in the case where both teams will receive the title.
    • In the case that the game ends in a tie, the team with the highest scoring individual will win (e.g. Both red and blue team have 90 points. Red team has a player that scored 48 points, while blue team has a player that scored 49 points. In this case, blue team won because they had the highest scoring individual).
    • You will not be automatically removed from the team once the game is finished. You must either talk to Lorna or Pan again or exit Sliab Cuilin in order to leave your team.


The Water Balloon Fight!
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Water Balloon Event to receive the quest.

Briefing Completely knocked out by the hot weather? Throw some Water Balloons and toss your stress away! To let your spirits soar, go find Lorna and Pan in Sliab Cuilin!
  • Talk to Pan. (Only appears during a Water Balloon Fight)
  • Talk to Lorna. (Only appears during a Water Balloon Fight)
  • 2,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

The festive event is located in the southern point of Sliab Cuilin, a bit north of the Stone Quarry.