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NPC Gift Quests

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This page is under construction. Please help add all the NPC quests that can be gifted items here.

Rua's Sidequest

How to Get Quest

Speak to Rua at the Emain Macha pub using the "Gift" keyword and selecting "Fancy Clothing" (Last Option on the right).

Briefing None, conducted entirely through conversation keywords

Gift Rua one item per in-game day.

Rewards Free access to her house (with the ability to speak to her NPC whenever she's not in the bar).
A dress you can give to Nao to wear.
Additional Information

For a list of what items to give her, go here.

Aeira's Obtaining Music Theory

How to Get Quest

Speak to Aeira at Dunbarton using the "Skills" keyword.

Briefing None, not an actual quest

Gift Aeira 5 Anthology books and 2 Cubic Puzzles.

Rewards The book "Music Theory."
Additional Information

Talk to her about her "Private Story" and "Nearby Rumors" after each gift.