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Poison Herb

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Inventory icon of Poison Herb

1 × 2
Stack: 20

A poisonous herb that drains life when eaten.

Methods to Obtain


Besides various dungeons (Alby (Int.), Ciar (Int. / Adv.), Rabbie (Adv.), Math (Adv.), Fiodh (Int. / Adv.), Rundal (Adv. / Siren), Peaca (Normal / Basic)), poison herb patches are found:


Tara Donation Box

Synthesis (Fixed Recipe)

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Poison Herb ×3 Bloody Herb ×1 Sunlight Herb ×1 Mana Herb ×1 White Herb ×1 Base Herb ×1 F

Hot-Air Ballooning

  • A stack of 10 Poison Herbs is sometimes awarded for 51+ stars.


  • Can be bought from the Rewards Shop in stacks of 5 and 10 for 17 and 34 stars, respectively.



Used In


Name Minimum Total Materials[1] Item Rank Skill Rank
Purple Paint Poison Herb × 10
Bottled Water × 1
Fish × 1
Mana Point × 5
Novice Novice
Light Paper Poison Herb × 6
Paper × 4
9 B
Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll Poison Herb × 10
Paper x 5
Restorative Powder x 3
Distortion Powder x 1
9 9
Light Thread Poison Herb × 7
Cheap Finishing Thread × 10
Finest Finishing Thread × 10
8 A
Light Silk Poison Herb × 8
Cheap Silk × 8
Finest Silk × 8
7 9

Potion Making

Name Minimum Total Materials[1] Item Rank Skill Rank
Poison Potion at least 1 Poison Herb, 1 Base Herb, 1 Water and consumes 10 mana points - 3

Magic Craft

Name Skill Rank Production Exp Materials Needed
Mysterious Herb Powder
C 300 Bloody Herb × 1
Mana Herb × 1
Poison Herb × 1


  1. 1.0 1.1 This column is for the minimum number of each material required to actually produce a complete item within the least number of attempts and not the number of materials required for a single attempt (note that some items can be completed in a single attempt and in this case, the two are the same).