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Camping Penalty

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Camping Penalty is basically a 'how lazy of you to hunt in one area' penalty. If you stay in one spot all day and hunt, you will receive this penalty. The penalty increases in increments of 5%, but it varies as well. For example, if you don't even move a single step, the penalty can increase 10%!


—Luan, How to Enjoy Field Hunting


  • The Camping Penalty reduces the amount of Experience you gain while hunting monsters in a field.
  • This Penalty increases as you stay within the same area of one map.
    • In order to decrease your Camping Penalty, you must move over to a different spot.
      • Entering a Camp Kit will immediately reduce your camping penalty to 0%.
    • The Penalty gradually increases by 5%, but slaying another monster not very far from your last kill will result in additional 10% penalty.
  • The maximum Camping Penalty is 50%.
  • Camping Penalty only applies to fielded areas; it does not apply towards Dungeons, Shadow Missions, or Theatre Missions.
  • If you have bought Premium Service, or are currently on Beginner Service, you will not receive a camping penalty and EXP is increased by 10%.