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AP Training

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Basic Information

Handicraft can be AP trained. Refining cannot because it is R1. Blacksmithing can, but does not have 30 training points yet.
The AP Training interface, allowing selection of a method to train.

AP Training is the ability to complete training requirements for Skills by spending AP instead of training them normally.

  • The selected skill requires 30 points of training before AP training can be used.
    • These points could be granted from skill training seals.
  • The method to be trained must have at least 11 maximum counts.
    • If a method can only be trained 10 times or less, it is not eligible.
  • The selected method will be trained up to 20% of the total counts.
    • AP Training will give up to 30 points in a skill, stopping before 20% if needed.
  • The AP cost for normal skills ranges from 1 to ? depending on the points it will give.
    • This cost is increased at higher skill ranks.
    • Production skills are 10x the usual AP cost.
  • Can be used on all skills, except for the following:
    • Paladin
    • Dark Knight
    • Falcon
    • Beast
    • Demigod
    • Palalan Embrace
    • Shine of Eweca
    • Breath of Ladeca
    • Vision of Ladeca
    • Might of Ladeca
    • Spirit Awakening
    • Shield of Trust
    • Celestial Spike
    • Divine Link
    • Judgment Blade