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Basic Information

  • Wands increase the effectiveness of magic skills of their respective element.
    • Fire wands will increase Firebolt's damage by 5 points.
    • Ice wands will increase Icebolt's damage by 10 points, and increases the range of Ice Spear.
    • Lightning wands will increase Lightning Bolt's damage by 7 points.
    • Healing wands will instead increase Healing's HP restoration by 5 points.
  • There are no race restrictions toward wands.
  • Wands are required to use Fireball, Thunder, Ice Spear, Party Healing, Blaze, Fusion Bolt, and Shockwave. However, within the exception of Blaze, Fusion Bolt, and Shockwave, the spell being cast must be in relation to the wand's respective element.
  • Wands allow the user to run with Meditation active.
  • Certain wands may be upgraded to allow the user to chain cast basic-level magic skills.
  • Wands increase the maximum distance of bolt spells.
  • Wands allow the user to harvest elementals from Elemental Sprites.
  • A wand's damage and balance only applies in melee-based combat and Blaze.
  • A wand's critical rate affects the user's critical rate with magic if the wand is of the magic's respective element.
  • Wands generally have a larger Splash Angle and Radius than most other weapons, making them useful when the user is unable to load magic due to multi-aggro.
  • Wands can be repaired through magical weapon repairs.

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