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  • Enchants are magical effects that can be placed on equipment through use of the Enchant skill.
  • There are two types of enchants: Prefixes and Suffixes.
    • A Prefix is attached to the front of the equipment's name. For instance a Wooden Stick with the "Fox" Enchant would be called "Fox Wooden Stick."
    • A Suffix is attached to the front of the equipment's name, coming after the Prefix. Using the example above, a Wooden Stick with "Fox" (Prefix) and "Understanding" (Suffix) Enchants on it would be a "Fox Understanding Wooden Stick."
    • An equipment can have one Prefix and one Suffix enchant on it at one time. However, an equipment cannot have two Prefixes or two Suffixes at the same time ("Fox Fox Wooden Stick" is not possible).
  • Enchants with minimum rank, level, or age requirements require that you be 'at or above' the listed requirement, not above the listed requirement in spite of what the Enchant says. So for an Enchant that says "When Weaving rank is above F, stamina +1" they mean that your Weaving rank must be Rank F or above, not that your Weaving Rank must be above Rank F.
  • Navigation
    • Enchants are organized here by rank.
      • The higher the rank, the more difficult it is to have it enchant successfully. For ranks higher than 9 a previous rank's enchant, that matches the Enchant's being either Prefix or Suffix, must be pre-enchanted onto the object.
        • i.e. A Rank 5 Prefix Enchant needs an object with a Rank 6 Prefix enchant already on it. To land the Rank 6 Enchant, one must have already had the Rank 7.
      • Enchanting Sequences - gives possible enchanting paths for ranks higher than 9, divided by enchantable object.
    • Sortable Full List of Enchants - (Warning: Large Table) sortable by alphabet, rank, enchantable object, and whether it's implemented.
    • Category:Enchant Status Modifiers - sorted by enchant effect
    • Prefix Enchants - all prefixes (Prefix Enchants List)
    • Suffix Enchants - all suffixes (Suffix Enchants List)
  • See the Enchant skill for more info.
  • To add newer enchants, use Form:Enchant