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Mabinogi World Wiki:Policy

From Mabinogi World Wiki

Hello and welcome to Mabinogi World Wiki (MWW)! In order to provide a fun and informative experience for all users, we have some ground rules for you to follow.

If this is your first time here, you should also read Wiki Tips for New Editors to get your bearings on how to actually use the functionality on the wiki and how to meet our quality standards.

The rules boil down to a few simple ideas: be respectful; don't use mods; only post in-game information, images, etc. on the main pages; and do everything you can to remove yourself from your contributions on main pages. Common sense, right?

Please be aware that in order to make an account you must be age 13 or older. However, you may still view the wiki (with parental consent, of course!) if you are younger than 13.


For a technical content specification see here

When you contribute information, we do have some standards of quality we wish to maintain. These are pretty simple; things like proper (American) English, only posting 100% quality PNG or GIF100 images, and maintaining professionalism throughout.

All contribution rules discussed here refer to main pages only! There are no content restrictions in the User or Talk spaces100.

Textual Content

Good Bad
Macha is the Goddess of War and Destruction100. She is described in the book Macha According to Emain Macha100. Macha is one hell100 of a babe100. I love her!!100 She also might be Aer.100
Accurate information, proper writing, professional sounding, and uses a link nicely. Entirely opinionated and speculatory. More about the writer than the topic of the article.
Textual content must be relevant to the page and contain only material from within the game100. That means no speculation, discussion, opinion, assumptions, unofficial information, jokes, player-made content100, or
unrelated mythos
. If you are posting foreign content, realize that machine translations (especially from East Asian languages) are terrible and you may not use information from them. It is recommended that if it is verbatim content from the game100 that you leave it in the original Korean. However, you may provide a manual translation if you know the language. Please do not add redundant information, either. If you move information from a poor summary to elsewhere in the article, please remove the old information.

You must write it professionally, like an encyclopedia! Of course, writing it simply is preferred. Not all players are from English-speaking countries! Professionalism more pertains to writing facts factually; not using slang, shorthand, or curse words; and so forth.


PNGs are good! JPGs are bad!
EXgood quality.png EXbad quality.jpg

We only want the highest quality images for our pages! That does mean that you can't use the in-game screenshot to get them, though. There are many ways to do this, but here is some basic information. Also the maximum resolution allowed is 1024 x 768.

We require that images be saved as PNG, or GIF if they need animation. That's because they're lossless formats, meaning they don't lose any image information like JPG100 does.

Clean image Bad image
EXclean gloves.png EXdistracting gloves.png
Nice lighting; contrasting, solid background; and no excess. Cannot tell that this picture is meant for gloves, name is included, awful backdrop.
Besides image quality, images must lack as much distraction as possible. This includes
distracting items
, complex backgrounds100, too much excess, use of gestures100, and names or other unnecessary text. You must also turn off the Glow Effect, Outline Rendering, and Film Style Post Shader in options.

Images in underwear may be inappropriate to some viewers, so please wear plain clothing100 when taking pictures of other things.

Item images must also not be of black and/or white items, because it erases some details like stitching. Preferably, you would take a picture of clothing in hideous but highly different colors per part. This, of course, does not extend to items of fixed colors.

When the images are meant to be used side by side in a gallery, be sure to keep the dimensions of each image consistent.

It takes special mention that you must not post pictures of client modifications and do not edit the screenshots100 besides cropping them. If it's an instructional image that requires some text, that's fine, of course. However, don't add fluff like outlines or smiley faces.


Videos are a great way to expand an article by exampling the use of a skill or how to play a minigame. They could even be used to show how to play an event. However, they should not be used when unnecessary, like for clothing or even animations.

Videos must specifically be made for use on the wiki, by you, the poster. Please hide your name100, the chat100, and if possible it would be nice if you could hide your interface100 or at least all unnecessary windows. You may make them on foreign servers, but they should be updated when the content is available on NA servers.

Obviously you may not record mods or glitches. However, you must also be sure to not change the music from the default Mabinogi music, or ideally have no music at all. Of course, whether the music is muted or not is at your discretion, based on what the video is intending to do.

Feel free to add related, informative text to your videos. However, be careful as to not obstruct the action!

User Pages

In the user space, you may write however you like, about almost whatever you like! Of course, it still has to be respectful. However, please do not add your base page to any categories and be sure to avoid templates that do so. This does not extend to sub-pages, for instance, which may be a guide.

If you are going to maintain a user page, and thereby use our services for your own promotion, we expect that you contribute back to the wiki thoroughly and regularly. It's only right!


If you use content from elsewhere, even if it's reworded or translated, please credit the original authors with a reference link. This does not extend to official Nexon content such as in-game text or other details nor out-of-game content such as shop item descriptions or news posts.

Don't be a jerk! Don't vandalize pages or post on user pages that aren't your own without permission. Also be kind, calm, and respectful when dealing with others.

Do not lie100, cheat100, or steal100! Also please do not share any offensive100 or promotional content.

All caps is yelling, don't do it unless you're yelling. Try not to yell often, we like a happy atmosphere!

Don't replace images or videos that already follow the policy, it's not very nice.

The Role of Moderators

Moderators, listed here, are tasked with managing the users and quality of the wiki. Their role is to solve arguments, enforce the rules, and moderate edits to ensure quality based on these rules and whatever they're told by administrators.

As a user, you are not allowed to revert a moderator's edit (unless the edit was done on behalf of a person who is not a moderator, which the edit message would say). You may discuss it with that moderator on the talk page, but you are not allowed to revert it in any form. Their edits are considered formal decisions, be they to solve an argument, to exact an administrative ruling, or simply to bring a portion of the wiki up to quality standards. More or less, all of their decisions (in the form of main page edits) should be assumed to be right and correct.

If you have an issue with a moderator's opinion, contact them directly. If you have an issue with a moderator's behavior, contact an administrator directly.

Other Tidbits

Each account is for one person only, not for guilds, not for families, just you! Similarly, each user may only have one account.

You never need to use the signature wikitext anymore, so don't. Similarly, you should obviously never sign pages in any way. Your contribution is stored in the history of the page automatically.

Talk pages are meant to discuss the article at hand rather than in-game things. If you need opinions on whether it's a good weapon or whatever, try the forums.

If you need a moderator, you can either post on the forums in the wiki section, bug us on Discord (#mabi-wiki channel, note this is the official Discord, and is not run by us), or consult this page to contact someone directly.

From all of us at Mabinogi World, we hope you have a wonderful fantasy life!