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Character Name Change Coupon

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Inventory icon of Character Name Change Coupon

2 × 1
Stack: 20

A coupon that lets you change your character's name. Use it to change the name of a character on your account one time. After using it, you can proceed with the name change request on the official website. Each character can only change their name up to 5 times total.

Item is accredited to accounts and does not appear in-game.


  • Name changes will be completed every week during maintenance.
    • You will not be able to make a request for a name change during maintenance.
  • During the change, the character will be unable to purchase and/or receive items from the Cash Shop.
  • Names can be changed 5 times per character.
  • Requires cumulative level 30 or above.
  • The character’s Cash Shop Inventory must be emptied before requesting a name change.
  • You must wait 1 month before being able to change it again.
  • The name change will be canceled if:
    • The character is in a guild or is waiting to be accepted into a guild.
    • The character has a Seal Breaker Title.
    • The character is married.
    • The character is in a family.
    • The character is waiting to be deleted.
    • The character is banned.
    • The character has a shop in the Marketplace, is currently bidding for a shop, or if a character has a shop item in the Marketplace inventory.
  • The name change may negatively affect:
    • Items that were bound and then unbound to you; a name change will cause the item to be bound to you again if you equip it after the name change.
    • Partner likability; partners will forget their likability status for name changed characters.
    • The Note Inbox; any notes sent to a character whose name is changed will become inaccessible to them after a name change.

Methods to Obtain