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Playful Puzzles Event

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For the list of Playful Puzzle Events, see Playful Puzzle Events.
Playful Puzzles Event
January 23rd, 2020 - May 7th, 2020


Oh no! Someone has spilled puzzle pieces all over the place and it is up to you to put it back together! Log in every day to get a puzzle piece and fit it on the puzzle board. The more puzzle pieces you collect, the more prizes you'll get! Check out the details below.[1]

Event Details

Puzzle Icon
  • During the event, you will receive the quest, "[Guide] A Boy's Request".
  • Find the NPC A Boy In Need in Dunbarton in front of the Unicorn Statue.
  • Register a main character with the NPC.
  • You can only register one character per account.
  • Once registered, a Puzzle icon will appear on your screen.
  • You will also receive a quest called, "[Event] Piecing Together the Puzzle!"
  • Stay logged in for 36 minutes every day to receive a Puzzle Event Gift Box.
  • Note: After registering for the event, please either re-log or change channels in order to start the timer for the Puzzle Event Gift Box.
  • Stay logged in for 1 hour every day to receive a puzzle piece.
  • You will only receive 1 puzzle piece per day.
  • Every weekend, you will receive 2 puzzle pieces per day (for a total of four).
  • To find out how many puzzle pieces you have, how much time is remaining before you receive the puzzle piece, or how far along you are on the puzzle, click on the Puzzle icon.
  • Once you obtain a puzzle piece, click on "Fit" on the Puzzle Event UI to place the puzzle piece on the board.
  • The more puzzle pieces you obtain, the more prizes you get!
  • When you complete "[Event] Piecing Together the Puzzle!", you will receive the following rewards:
  • The event resets at 7:00am PST100.

Puzzle Event Prizes

Puzzle Window
Puzzle Pieces Item
8 Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 hrs.)
Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass (Event)
Potent Finest Shadow Crystal (Event) x 5
16 Complete Skill EXP Potion Box
AP 50 Potion
24 Persian Flying Puppet Coupon
Baltane Elite Mission Pass Selection Box
32 Yellow Prism Box
Fine Reforging Tool (Event)
40 Pet Rebirth Potion (Event)
Blue Prism Box
49 Persian Support Puppet Coupon
Skill Training Seal (30)
58 Crystal Hammer of Durability
Credne's Reforging Tool (Event)
67 Trade Unlock Potion
Skill Training Seal (50) (Event)
76 Royal Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
Cichol's Wings
85 Direct Dye Ampoule
Enchant Protection Potion
94 Royal Combat EXP Potion (30 min)
Cichol's Robe Set Selection Box
104 Style Tab Key (30 Days)
Ancient Persian Support Puppet Coupon

Puzzle Event Gift Box Rewards