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Exploration Quest Board

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An Exploration Quest Board as appears in the Qilla Base Camp.


Clicking on the board opens up a list of quests.

The quests often require the user to defeat a certain amount of a type of monster, sketch a specific monster, or bring in collection items obtained from defeating a monster. The rewards are usually gold, Exploration experience, and base experience.

Not all quests appear on the board at one time. A quest will stay on the board for 5 minutes before being removed; as one quest is removed, another quest, chosen by random, is added. A player may have to wait some time before the quest they are seeking will appear.

Only one quest can be accepted at one time. To give up a quest, simply open it up in the quest log and press "Quit." Note one cannot give up the Exploration cap quests.

Allied humans are unable to take quests from the opposing race's Exploration Quest Board.

A List of the Exploration Quest Board quests can be found here.


Area Board Location
Connous In Filia, beside Hagel, at the bank.
Physis In Vales at the City Hall.
Rano In Qilla between NPCs Heulfryn and Alexina.