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Zardine's entrance.


Zardine is in the region of Iria, just north of Physis. You may enter it by traveling far northeast of Vales. See the map of Physis for a visual.


Mana Tunnel Icon.png Mana Tunnel
White Circles Locations
Green Circles Field Bosses
Full-size Map
Zardine Map.jpg

Calida Lake and Exploration Camp

Calida Lake
Calida Exploration Camp

Calida Exploration Camp is the base of operations in Zardine and is based directly south of Calida Lake. It is accessible from Barba Basin in Physis. One can turn in fossils to Belita or fight Wyverns in Hot-Air Balloons for Kelpie for Exploration Experience and Gold. Go to Fossil Restoration's or Hot-Air Ballooning's respective pages for more information on the subject.

Legatus can be found at Calida Lake but on the other side. To reach there, follow the path just north of the camp, which runs along the eastern side of Calida Lake. Note that he occasionally goes flying but soon returns to the same spot.

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Banker Calida Exploration Camp
Healer, Fossil Hunter Calida Exploration Camp
General Store Owner Calida Exploration Camp
- Roosting above Calida Lake

Landmarks and Exploration

Unlike other regions of Iria, Zardine contains no landmarks and you cannot use L-Rods there. A player can acquire "the Zardine Explorer" Title by visiting three of the region's four Mana Tunnels as the Mana Tunnel outside of Renes is not required.

Wildlife and Monsters

The wildlife of Zardine consists mostly of insects and reptiles, though a few other animals have been able to adapt to the harsh volcanic terrain.

Monster/Animal Location
Anteaters Calida
Balrogs Volcanic Biome and Inside Renes Volcano
Black Leopards (Field Boss) Volcanic Biome
Carnivorous Plants (Brown) Sulfur Pits
Crabs Calida, Volcanic Biome, and Renes
Horned Boars Calida and Volcanic Biome
Horned Deer Calida
Ixions Volcanic Biome
Monkeys (Animal) Hot Springs
Red Dragon (Raid Boss) Volcanic Biome
Crumena (Mainstream Boss) Inside Renes Volcano
Stag Beetles Calida and Volcanic Biome
Sulfur Golems Sulfur Pits
Volcano Lizards Volcanic Biome
Volcano Scorpions Volcanic Biome
Volcano Wild Dogs South of the Hot Springs
Volcano Wolves Volcanic Biome
Wyverns Sky above Hot Springs

Hot Springs

The Hot Springs

The hot springs is an area of Zardine with enchanted hot springs that provide various stat changes from weight gain, muscle gain, to poison curing. Also native to this area are the Hot Spring Monkeys whom may be given gifts for the occasional gift in return. For more information on hot springs click here for its page.

Sulfur Pits

Zardine's sulfur pits

The Sulfur Pits are located far to the west of the encampment at Zardine, and in about the center of the region as a whole.

  • There are two pits: a large one and a small one, separated by a mountain ridge. See the above map for reference.
    • From the air, the ground is more yellow than the usual color of the Zardine volcanic region, which is a dull gray-ish brown.
    • The quickest way to get to the larger pit is to go directly north of the Raspa Volcano Mana Tunnel.
    • The quickest way to get to the smaller pit is by flying via Hot Air Ballooning or a flying pet, as there is both a chasm to the east and a mountain ridge to the south and west.
      • However, there is also a narrow path you are able to cross on the cliff face's side; it's at the very south of the small pit, where it narrows to a point.
  • Mining here will reward you with sulfur ore or fossils.
  • You will get sulfur poisoned if you stay there too long in certain areas.
    • Your HP will continue to drain past Deadly status.
    • The poison will disappear soon after you leave.
    • If you are sulfur poisoned and deadly you will receive the title "the Sulfer-poisoned Explorer."


Raspa Volcano

Raspa Volcano

Flint rocks appear north of the volcano, right under the word "Volcano" on the minimap. They will appear as glowing/burning rocks when sunny, and as large dark rocks when raining.

You can mine Flint from these rocks, with a pickaxe, during rain. Keep in mind that once the rain stops, the rocks will automatically return to their glowing, fiery appearance, and you will no longer be able to mine them. A flint rock has about 10 flints and fossils in it, and when you mine all of them, the rock breaks.

It is interesting to note that fossils mined from flint rock tend to be Pelvis Fossils. However, all other fossil types are possible to be obtained from them.

Renes Volcano

Renes Island

Renes is a lone island within Zardine. The exterior of Renes can be reached via Hot-Air Ballooning, riding a Flying Mount, or Mana Tunnel after recording it. Many Blue Blind Crabs roam around Renes' beaches. Its interior is known to house dragon eggs as well as the gold dragon, Adniel, but by the time of The Saga: Iria it is taken over by the Cessair and used as their base.

The interior can only be accessed during quests:

A map of the inside of Renes.

Pera Volcano

Pera Volcano

The Pera Volcano region is inaccessible by players. Its glen is home to many volcanic monsters.