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Forum - Semantic Potions

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So the groundwork of it has been laid out. Currently there are far too many potions in the game to be listed under a single page. So I recommend the creation of multiple potion lists with their own pages. The Potions List page could become a disambiguation page, while we could have pages such as Recovery Potions List, ect. The question is how to organize these pages. Currently we have main categories that were borrowed from the previous setup:

  • Recovery
  • Buff
  • Skill EXP
  • Skill Training
  • Appearance
  • Equipment
  • Crafting
  • Quest
  • Miscellaneous

The idea is to have as few and as concise groups as possible. Also, the fewer potions that are grouped under Miscellaneous, the better. Any suggestions for listings are much appreciated.

Additionally, if you'd like to help semantify the old potions, you can use the Form:Potion to do so. Just make sure to remove the old text in the Free text area. If there are any changes you like to see to the form, please let me know or alter them if you're confident in doing so.

Any and all help is appreciated, for you see, there is a stupid amount of potions in this game. Literally hundreds of unique potions. Its crazy.

Posted by Erorserv on 6 June 2019 at 09:09.

Just a notes dump so far, note that I am fully supportive of your endeavors but I'm contractually obligated to be picky Sympathy:

There's no need for a Render* template for most of this. It should be moved into SemanticPotionData and not bother with a hash table. The one complexity here is with rendering the recipe for the item, but this needs to be done in another way, really; one that isn't fully defined yet.

There needs to be a distinction between what an item is crafted by and what the item is, there doesn't need to be such a tight coupling between them. Namely, Cooking Potion, Spirit Hearing Water, and Likeability Potion are not actual potions. They don't function like potions and they're not used as potions. They're a cooking ingredient, quest item, and gift item, respectively. However, they are crafted by Potion Making, so they do need "concocted item" semantics but not potion semantics. This means that the SemanticPotionData can't necessarily set up any hash tables for rendering the crafting recipe, cause other categories of items will also need to have that setup.

I'm a little confused as to why we have Potion effect property as well as the others:

|potionEffect=Restores 100 HP

It seems like it's used for doing things like |potionEffect=Permanently increases [[Strength]] by 1 but part of SMW is to make information accessible to computers as well as humans, and this is not. I think it would be better to separate this effect out, as like potionIncreaseStat and potionIncreaseAmount.

With regard to how the skill exp potions work, I wonder if it would be more valuable to separate out that information as an effect, since it adds an effect to your character in the stats screen, and then link the potion via like potionCausesEffect, then you could do a template call to render the effect infmoration into the potion page.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 4 August 2019 at 15:11.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 4 August 2019 at 15:11.

The feedback is greatly appreciated. This has been my first dabble in SMW so inadequacies were inevitable, but I'm willing to change and improve it with experience.

With hindsight, the problem was not enough planning with the sub-objects. In addition, not enough consideration of how the data would be consolidated and displayed in a table, as there were too many changes that were made on the fly. |potionRestoreAmount and |potionRestoreStat are examples of this.

I may redo a few properties in line with your suggestions, as the current solution is admittedly very messy. A bit more planning will go into this. Additionally, I'll also remove the render template and the current solution for the crafting recipe as you suggested.

Posted by Erorserv on 5 August 2019 at 11:10.