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Aggressor's Will

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Inventory icon of Aggressor's Will

1 × 1
Stack: 20

When used, increases Max Damage by 10, Magic Attack by 13, and Alchemic Damage by 5 for 2 hours. Keep in mind that the buff will take effect immediately, and its duration will not pause while you're logged out.


  • Cannot be sold to NPCs.
  • Cannot be sold to others.
  • Cannot be sold in the Auction House.
  • Cannot be traded.
  • Can be dropped.
  • Cannot be picked up by others.
  • Cannot be stored in a pet.
  • Can be put in the bank.
  • Can be withdrawn by other characters.

Methods to Obtain


  • Activates the Status Effect: Effect - Sword Red Fire.png Aggressor's Will
    • +10 Max Damage
    • +13 Magic Attack
    • +5 Alchemic Damage
  • Effect persists for 2 hours.
    • Does not pause while logged out.