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Portrait of Art
Race Giant
Gender Male
Location Abb Neagh (Bard Camp)
Repair Instrument Repairs, 98%


This Giant chatters away like a madman, spittle fly from his mouth. There's a twinkle in his big eye. Passers-by duck under as he swings his hammer enthusiastically through the air.

Art is a Giant who is very enthusiastic and social. He likes to live free while avoiding jobs at all costs, which is ironic for he repairs instruments for a small fee. He appears to be on bad terms with Ailla, as she pretends not to listen to Art when her name is called. He also loves oranges; the feeling the pulp makes when it pops in his mouth reminds him of refreshing rain in the middle of the desert.

Art cannot play any instruments but he can fix them with the utmost care.